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Hotel Reviews Ping Pong

Hotel Reviews
A thought has been playing ping-pong in my brain now for years; I wonder why Hotel Review on Hotel Sites are edited? I wonder why comments on Blogs are moderated and stop the really bad grammar and spelling?

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Friday, July 11, 2008
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I moderate to stop the trolls who wish to provoke for fun, or use profanity that causes problems for the site theme as defined by the words in the site, however most other comments I let fly.

I think there is revelation in the words a person uses, the misspellings, their name, and the way they construct a sentence. I would never ever criticize the way a China or Thailand person spells or writes in comments, this person is already 10 times better then me, I am not out and about reading Chinese Blogs, I am clueless.

However, why are Hotel Reviews edited, I almost never see a bad review on a Five Star Hotel where the site would make a higher commission, however do see them on the cheap ones. I do see this as manipulation of the audience and not reviews.

A review is to me, anything goes, providing polite, no profanity, not trying to provoke, and not the competition of the Hotel being reviewed.

Been thinking about this, maybe allow the Hotel a way for a rebuttal to the bad Hotel Reviews. I truly believe that 70 percent of Hotel Reviews of a hotel should be bad and 30 percent good if natural.

What is the saying, good news is told to 10 people while bad news is told to 20, so a Hotel Review is the same, people would naturally voice their complaints quicker then their Kudos.

Hotel Reviews