Hotel Fans in Bolga Ghana

Hotel Fans
Bolgatanga or Bolga Ghana, West Africa
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I was in room 15 of the St Joseph Hotel here in Bolga, a good room and quiet at 11 Ghana Cedis for a self-contained room. Self-Contained is a shower and toilet inside the room here in Ghana English.

I moved to shared toilet, shower room at the Sandgarden for 8 Cedi, and had to interview my fans. I entered 5 rooms and every fan was obnoxiously noisy except for room 26, and it has a cough and will soon develop pneumonia.

I had an even noisier fan in the Date Hotel in Accra and moved to the Eclipse Hotel with a great room at 11 Cedis with quiet fan.
There are so many reasons to live in a Hotel or to not live in a Hotel; it becomes a nightmare of variables to check.

West Africa Hotels are ok for one or two nights, and then a person has to call no-joy and search for the one room in various hotels that is acceptable for the long term. I have to search for the Hotel room, not for the Hotel, I try to find the one room that works, not the Hotel. This is why I am saying room 15 and maybe 14 in St Joseph Hotel.

Hotel Fans

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