Hostels Information

I located a Hostel for 15 pounds or about 20 Dollars USA. It is cheaper here if I pay by the week or the month. I think most of the people in my hostel have been there for a long time by the looks of their clothes and baggage. As best I can tell so far a large number of Australians a.k.a. Ozzies or New Zealanders a.k.a. Kiwis come here to work.

There is lots of slang here in England. In fact the rules and restrictions on my dorm room wall says,

"if a resident happens to pull one of the residents, they need to leave the room and use the communal bathroom because it would not be cricket in the dorm room."


- Note that I just search in for this very quickly. But I learned about the world Pull from an English girl in Thailand. It is very difficult to understand the normal Brit. The meanings of the words are many time much different then what you would think. This can be very misleading. In fact if anyone would say they spoke the Queens English. I would have to choke to keep from laughing. Although there is a real possibility they are a Queen.... hehehe