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HoboTraveler.com Site is 11 Years Old, and I am 55

Sooner, later, or eventually a traveler will be forced to abandon delusions of control. After 13 years of perpetual travel, and 11 years of being the webmaster of two of the largest travel sites on the Internet, I am positive, nothing ever went as I dreamed. I dreamed up a romantic view of life, and now lived another.

I am the hero of my own life, I deserve the life I live, as any reader 100 percent deserves their station in life. As a lone traveler, independently walking the planet, I cannot look over at friend, lover, mother or father, and college and say,
"It is your fault."

My life is my fault, I am responsible.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult only community)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


My Legacy as a Traveler
I had a girl tell me 12 years ago to stay pure, she was wanting me to be a traveler, and to not sell out. I have a choice as a traveler, I can do what the world expects of me, or I can go my own way, make my own path, and she was saying.
"Andy stay the course."

But, what is the course of a traveler? She wanted me to be strong and turn off the outside world, a traveler walks away from the group, turns around and tells them goodbye. Maybe it is just a casual wave goodbye, maybe we turn and slowly walk away, a few start to run, however the mark of a real traveler is to never looks back.

We do not ask others to follow, because we know it is not possible, we must walk the path alone, a traveler goes alone, because eventually all companions refuse to follow.

My legacy of a traveler is that I have remained pure for 13 years, I have taken the road less travel and refused to follow another persons path no matter how much it cost.

I have been a purist, a travel that has walked away from the group perpetually, I have refused to live in your world, I made my own.

Life is a Maybe
When a person is happy in the middle of absolute chaos, without a friend in the world, then maybe they will know the world of a traveler.

I do not know where I am going, but it will never be towards a group of people, because I am 100 percent responsible for me, not for you.

Can you try your best to convert the maybes to a yes or no for your friends, but live a life where you accept that everything is uncertain and a maybe…

HoboTraveler.com Site is 11 Years Old, and I am 55

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