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I am working with Douglas Lord, a Computer Graphics Designer who primarily designs for Real Estate companies here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. It is a challenge to explain to a person who does mostly signs and business cards who I am, or who I am not. I am very verbal, I could explain for days who I am in words, but this is not going to work. I need to explain to Doug who I am in photos. He thinks in photos, I think in words, we do not speak the same language.

Douglas Lord is on the right; they are putting up a Real Estate sign on the building to the right. Douglas also sells Dominican Republic Real Estate. I would have liked to have the Graphic Designers who work for National Geographic helping me with this, but they are not here in Sosua, Dominican Republic right now. Anyway, I suspect Douglas probably has a better sense of humor. I am doing a trade with Doug, I will teach him how to get traffic, and he will make graphics, I hope this works, if not, I am having fun.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 17, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I have learned many things about Graphics in the last few days… I must explain to Douglas in Photos, which this is not my first choice of languages to speak. I know about Internet pages and Douglas knows how to make great brochures, we will merge these two art forms, I am collecting many photos explaining who I am, or better yet, explaining who I am not.

Cover of a Book
A web site is judged like the cover of a book, if a potential buyer likes the cover, maybe they will purchase the book. We are going to replace the header of with a Professional look. I am somewhat sad; I must accept that new readers for 12 years have judged my writing by my webmaster and graphics abilities. I rather understand the grammar problems, but again, I am trying to explain the world. I guess, I do not care, as long as I make enough money to continue traveling anywhere and everywhere. (I earn enough with this site.)

My Webmaster Score Card

Interviewed by
---- SEO - B
I do excellent here, my two sites get over 15,000 unique visitors per day, this is about one million hits per day.

Interview by people who land on the site: Readers makes quick decisions whether to continue or click away. Note here, that if a person lands on the site, does not like and clicks on an advertisement to leave, this is good for me.

--- Appealing to targeted Demographic Group - F
--- Page layout - D
--- Graphics - D

Interviewed by Temporary Readers

--- Giving Readers what they are expecting - F (They think it is a tourist Blog)
--- Photos - C

Finding Loyal Readers
I am supposed to put my best foot forward, instead, I often tell readers to get out of my house, shut up, and leave me alone. I write for me, not for you. I will write about anything, this is the value of having a daily journal, the process of explaining the world takes my fuzzy abstract ideas and puts them into real world feelings. The more I write on this online journal, the more refined my thoughts become, I can see and understand my world clearly, I have written about is about 4900 small missive of the last 12 years of my life.

I want readers who are interested in reading about my adventures in Iraq, Haiti, Africa or when I am in Peru learning about un-contacted tribes. However, this is not the interest of normal Travel Blog readers. Generally, tourist readers want to see cliché sunsets, or they get frustrated and leave, they do not feel satisfied; I observe this in their comments, they want a little revenge for not giving them what they expected.

Making First Impressions with Photos
The world has become very cruel, they will weigh and judge me on my looks, my webmaster abilities, and my graphics, very few people care to know the real me. And rightly so, I set them up for misery by calling this a Travel Blog, maybe this was true 10 years ago when I was a tourist, but today I have become an adventure traveler who writes.

The site says to me, explain Andy in 10 words; then gives me up to 200 photos of to do a better job. I am baffled; my whole life is only worth 10 words, and who goes around promoting photos of themselves, seem like bad form to me.

Score Card on is F
I flunked my interview, the questions were 100 percent ignored by me. The silly thing says on my profile,
"View Photos of Me"

In my convoluted reasoning, I thought this meant, put up photos that defines me, therefore I have been putting up my best photos, my memories from 12 years of Travel. These are the photos that give me a personal connection, the ones that define me.

Look at My Photos
Go look at these photos on, you will not find my face. Doug asked for some photos of me, I have a few photos, but never thought it was important to take photos of myself, seems somewhat vain to me.

Andy Graham on Facebook,com with no face

FaceBook of Andy Graham

Goal of Photos
What is my question, I need to choose about six photos that defines my writing. I will put them in the header of this page, and allow these photos to either attract, distract, or I can repel potential readers. I want to find reader who have some manners, and are on the same page as me, this could be an act of God. How does a reader relate to a person who perpetual traveler of 12 years, and goes to places like Iraq and Haiti? is Working with Graphics Designer