Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets? in La Union Philippines in La Union Philippines
This is a video me (Andy) in the travelers nest I created in the Philippines. The room cost 12-14 U.S. Dollars per night. This is an attempt to prove to you that “life is good,” and I do not live like a bum.

Some of you are hung up on this word Hobo, and miss the plot, my goal of travel is to enjoy my life, and I do not torture myself. This place is a little better than other Hotels, but in my opinion very expensive. I think the price of the room for one month according to global standards should be eight dollars. Apartments in Bauang rent for about 8000-10,000 pesos per month.

A HOBO Travels to work
A tramp travels and won't work
A bum neither travels or works

I travel from place to place as cheap as possible, and when I arrive, I work… not much, but enough just to get by, I do not want work to interfere with me living.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 18, 2009
Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… At three times the price, sorry.


I took off from the USA about 11-12 years ago, searching for a job, a way to fund my travels around the world.


If you not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

I will be traveling soon to either Africa or South America, I am not sure life is truly a flip of the coin. I have two large travel website and a Travel Journal; I make my living from the Advertisers on the 1000’s of internet pages.

I truly hate to be in these videos or photos, I was ready to make this video a week ago, and I procrastinated. I have slowly realized readers, and maybe now the viewers, the people of planet earth no longer trust people. To show credibility, you demand that you have the ability to listen, see, and read the body language of to trust me. I do want you to believe my lifestyle is possible, I will slowly show me so you feel safer and come to believe the good life I live is not a dream, it is real.

I think people lie so much, the average person needs more information such as the look on my face, the way I talk and the whole person to feel secure. Yep, that is me, Andy the in La Union Philippines


Somalia or Detroit, I think Somalia sounds better.

Chuck this is an intriguing idea, readers could choose, I will think about it. Maybe I could just give readers a list of countries and allow them all to vote. When one of them has say 100-200 votes, then I go.



Chuck, I got Boy Genius in India on, we discussed it and it is a go. We are going to put up all 252 countries, allow readers to vote and I can wonder where I wander too...they will be able to make a comment on why, and where in the country.

Truly something like this post:
I Live a Dream Life - I am Grateful
“Heads, Carolina Tails, California.”

I tend to avoid the word Nomad, however this is truly Nomadic travel when other people can tell me where to go.
Thanks Chuck,
Good fun as the Brits say,


Second time someone has pointed me a this man or this link.

"Keiichi Iwasaki travels across 37 countries on $2 "

I smell a publicist or a press release... hehehe

This is a remarkable trip, this man should know about travel or what it is to be a traveler. He should sure know about Dogs and how they differ from country to country on how they chase you.

TWO points.

1. He left with 2 dollars, and worked

----There are 1000's if not millions of jewelry sale people., jugglers, hobos, prostitutes who do this daily. I met two prostitutes in Ethiopia who were wandering from city to city, they drank all their profits. I think I make a video, but did not publish. I met them on the bus, they was working over the bus man who wanted money from them.

This is not notable, truly sounds like a press release hype.

2. Riding a Bike
This is notable

3. TIME - Gone for eight year and 37 countries.
This is the truly notable thing. Now, the bottom line

However, if you are analyzing or trying to understand travelers, the thing to pay attention to is both MONEY and HOW LONG in each location. I have been in Bauang for about 5 weeks, the longer I stay, the cheaper my life becomes. IF I worked here, I would go under the protection of the employer and life would get even easier.

My friend Scott Stolls wrote a book, "Falling Uphill" I think

There are 1000 of bike riders who go around the Planet, Richard Trillo of Roughguide rode across West Africa, this takes Balls, maybe bigger than this guy.

My friend German Escobar traveled and worked for 15 years, went to 120 countries and is from Colombia.. THIS is a big deal, he had to fight to get a visa, he was NOT Japan or USA, this is a book.

None of this means much, truly just fun.

In the end, Peter Moore, writing his book. "No Shitting in the Toilet." This is the best set of Traveler stories I have read. In the end, it is the person who can tell the funniest stories.

Now, getting robbed, I am NOT good at getting robbed. I consider it a lack of travel sense to get robbed. I have been to IRAQ, I have been to East Timor during rights or a Military Coup. What does is prove when you get mugged or robbed...

Again, one of the greatest ways to monetize travel is to write a book, e yourself in Wiki and send out press releases.

I read Tom Clancy, I hate reading travel books. Travel Genre like the Ugly American or The Beach. I have read most of James Micheners books, this man was a true traveler and truly understood the planet.

Everyone wants to be famous, I want the money. I want the money so I can do what I do, hang around in other countries, walk around looking at people. I refuse to stop long enough to suck up to a book publisher, I do not wish to allow a book or the pursuit of money to interfere with my true love, meeting the people of the planet.

37 countries is nothing, my 85 is nothing, when I get to 120 plus, I will start looking at myself in mirror. 11-12 years is something, moving all the time, perpetual travel is something. Most lie, they stop and live for up to one year in locations. I am not going to point, but teaching English in Korea is not travel, it is living.

I could go to 50 countries in 2 months if I wanted. There are 42 in Europe, a place about the size of the east coast of the USA.

Fun, you buy the book, tell me if there are good stories.

Page Turner

This is your Mom Andy, Trust me, your Dad and I know exactly when you started traveling. You left in December on a vacation to Mexico, came home and said you were going to travel the planet. You went to Belieze, met a girl. your dad and I thought that perhaps wonderlust would be out of your soul. You came home and had your visa renewed and left for South America. That was August. You were gone 15 months before you dropped in again to our home. You are now starting on year 12. We always will consider the next year staring in August again. Do not ask me why. I just think it took that long for your dad and I to get it through our heads you planned on being a hobo, world traveler. Since that time we have learned to do e mail, looked at many pictures, watched the history channel on TV and said hey Andy's been there, told lots of stories to friends about you as well as strangers, worried sometimes and most of all we have kept you safe by praying every single day for you. We know every day how fortunate our family is that you stay safe and provide your brother and sister's children great material when they are doing their homework. There is always one free room waiting for you when you are in the USA and that is called Home.


Thank you Eric, we are going to put a list of countries and allow readers to vote. I have now made up my mind.

I will only go to countries I have never visited.

The question, which countries is a big issue. I think you just helped me make up my mind. We will include the 252 we view as countries. By each country will be a link showing I visited or did not visit. I truly do not want to return to countries, I want to return for vacations to certain cultures. Money is always a factor, I would stop in Europe more for a week at a time if in this week I did not spend the money for a half a year of travel.

Maybe I can put the Wikipedia link next to the country so readers could read and learn.

I truly do not care which countries I visit next, I do not like cold weather. Maybe by showcasing this I can somehow show all readers the countries I have visited better so they do not say things like, "if you went to England you would know."

I have been to Europe maybe 7 times, spent over a year in that place, while people assume I have been to Australia. This is their dream country, therefore it must be mine, therefore I must have went there, I have never been to Australia and hope readers do not choose the place, but ok if they do.

Very few people have this unlimited curiosity as Eric or Chuck, most readers only want to read about their one dream country and be gone, clicking away to another site that again talks about their dream country.

Funny, most also believe they know how to travel and I am grateful to this bunch, they are the ones who get robbed and not me.


Somalia, please stop with the Somalia, you got me dreaming and planning. That Alpha female Robin from is thinking about going back to Yemen from Nepal, I could hop towards her and have some fun talk.

I could again try to talk her into meeting up in Yemen or Dibuti and all the countries I cannot spell correct. (Dibuti saved by the Google spell checker.)

Je Parle Franacais.

I am starting to formulate a path in my brain to Somalia, where to enter, how to enter, why....? Why go to Somalia, just not a interest, i want to go to Afghanistan, see what the boys are doing over their in my name. I think the place is wide open and there is an NGO invasion going on, truly a soap opera of idiots these NGO groups.

Entrea, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, it is best to fly into Egypt so I can get the Sudan Visa or Ethiopia. There is some new country over there trying to spit.