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I purchased the name “” while in the Voyager Hostel in Panama City 10 years ago.

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Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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There were times, when I first traveled when:

1. I did not wear shoes for a month.
2. Asked a girlfriend, what month is was.

Times Change
There were no Blogs, newsletters were the new thing.

I thought I was hot stuff, I had been out two years, and this seemed a lifetime. I was doing interview with experienced travelers…. They had to have traveled for over one year; I now consider this just a newbie. (I needed to find a way to make money.)

Everything has change, life is simpler, easier and better, maybe one thing is missing. I miss the rooms full of travelers, all talking about their trips. I do not know where they went, but nowadays everyone is calling their friends at home, and not out and about talking.

I am happy, I lost all my friends from home from about 2000-2008 or whenever can into being; now I have them back.

Well, do not worry, I ain’t going anywhere, I am the old man of Travel, I live here, you are in my home. I still like to travel more than I like to write or be famous. I am one of the richest Hoboes on the planet, truly is a confusion.

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