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Hobo on LAKE TITACACA 2005

Photos from airplane of Lake Titacaca, lots of excitement about the lake, however a little too high for me to be comfortable, very cold in many ways.

The world will sell you raw peanuts, so often when I have a kitchen, I do not have a kitchen often in Asia, however in South America you can find a kitchen in about one in ten hotels to use for clients. When I do have a kitchen I cook peanuts in margarine. This is a treat to me, and very cheap. This cost me less than 20 cents U.S. to cook and nutritional. I have been told that raw peanuts are not good for you, I do know raw peanuts are like beans.

This is the reason, if you see this type of storm sewer than you will smell sewer gases. They say this is only for water, however the world is not so honest and they drain the wrong type of waste into these. Asia is full of this system an smells often, not so often in South America, however still this system exist. I believe they like this system because the water evaporates and never makes it to the processing plant. In India they come along and clean these maybe weekly.

I think he is Peruvian Genius, he is making me a 220 / 110 room heater, I can not hardly wait to play with it, it will be one of the greatest acquisitions of gear for me in the whole time I have traveled. I would say it is the most needed apparatus for comfort I know of…

He is holding prototype number one, I am hoping and he says he can perform the task. I want him to make one about the size of a extra large softball or maybe coffee mug. I need small and very quiet.

I pick up today at noon, and will return home to test. I love gadgets, however hard to make when moving from place to place, however these gadget makers are easier to find here than in the USA. They are always too busy to have fun in the USA and too expensive. People should have more fun, I worry when people do not have projects like this, or hobbies. How will they every retire and do nothing, nothing is a lot of work, trust me, I am good at it.