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Hobo Makes Wrong Turn in Haiti

I took the wrong road leaving Port-au-Prince to go to Cap-Haitien. Normally, making decisions for me is absurdly easy; I just nomadically travel towards something fun or interesting

Seat Time
This is my term I just to judge a trip; I want to know how much “Seat Time” is required. I want to know how long I have to sit in the seat until we arrive. I made a wrong turn; I now have an extra 8-10 hour of “Seat Time.”

Planning Time
Very few travelers or tourist make this mistake, in fact, almost zero.

Study the Guidebook Time
I did not study the guidebook, I did not spend any time planning, and I just left, oops.

Mirebalais, Haiti --- Wednesday, January 6, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Oops, I took the straightest route, the lines on the map looked the same size, and it appeared to me the road quality was the same. I goofed, the road going straight up must be horrible, and the one along the coast of Haiti is good. What appears to the longer route, is actually much shorter “Seat Time.”

Making Decisions
There are many options, and ways to correct this problem, normally this would be a non-issue. Seldom to I care if I make trip route mistakes, because I do not care about time, an extra 20 hours of seat times is not going to bust me up.

Time you Love the Country
I have a big problem; I have used up all my emotional “Time I love the Country.” Each country has a time limit, maybe you can say, I only have a couple of straw left, before the back of my nomadic camel is broken.

I am on my last nerve here in Haiti; I am have lost patience with this country. I need to leave before I learn to hate the place. I have used up all the “Tolerance Time.” If I invested another 10 hours of “Seat Time,” going to Cap-Haitien, I would learn to hate Haiti; I would have overstayed my “Saying Hello Time.”

Saying Hello Time
When a person comes to your door, he or she says,
“Hello Sir, how are you?”
“Fine, thank you and you?”
Blah Blah Blah, this is called an
“Eight Point Hello Time.”

Count them, these conversations end cordially after eight lines of dialog. Then if someone continues, it means they want something.

I have in my emotional bank, maybe about another 2-5 days of “Saying Hello Time” remaining for Haiti. Soon, I will want to ignore Haitian people, and start using my “Hiding in my Room Time.” (You ever notice how people spend incredibly amounts of time in the bar; this is their way of avoiding the country.)

The bottom line, I am going to leave Haiti, it is time to head for the Border. I am one hour away from the Border, and about 3-7 hours away from an acceptable city in Dominican Republic. I will not invest that much time in Haiti; I have given it all the time that is needed.

I must go to Dominican Republic; I truly have no choice, the “Prime Directive of Travel,” is to “Enjoy Myself.” If I continued into Northern Haiti, I would be violating the Prime Directive.

Hobo Makes Wrong Turn in Haiti

Page Turner

Mom Says Andy I told your dad it is time for Andy to leave Haiti. Dad looked at me and said getting crabby is he. I nodded my head. We know you so well and when you are on your last nerve you get wonderlust in your soul and it is time for the next adventure. Haiti is most likely a very nice country but you are bored with the whole situation. If you made 100 million dollars when it was all done you would be ready to move on to a different and exciting way to do it again, always the search, makes your life interesting. Good for you.

Phil J

Hi Andy. I have made a few wrong turns in my life. I try not to make that mistake as much as is possible. I totally agree about the time limit. There are places where I go that I have to impose the time limit on. I must admit that the western pacific has a magnetic attraction that I never get too much of. Maybe it has a little to do with the nice people who are permanent friends here. I look forward to reading your blogs on the Dominican Republic.