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Hiding in Cape Coast Ghana from African Culture

There are times when enough crazy, is enough crazy, and it is time to hide in my Hotel room. This means I stay in my room more, and talk less with the locals. I become culturally fatigued in all cultures, too much Asia and I want to gag, too much Latin American and I want to run, too much Africa and it is time to take a break.

If I stop moving locations, the world will stabilize, my burnout subsides, and I become recharged. I think maybe I should stay in Cape Coast for 10-20 days and relax.

Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, January 6, 2011


Cynthia is a 9.5 on a 10 Point Scale
It takes all my energy to be patient with Cynthia and learn to understand how she thinks and why she becomes angry. She is incredibly beautiful, she has lived her whole life in a small world, and my life has been large and wondrous.

She is young and jealous of things she does not understand, and that means anything and everything I think or do is a question mark for her, she says,
"Be careful."
(Or she will get angry, a direct threat.)
Africa is an extremely macho place, and the truth is I am can on-demand be more macho than the Africans. However to have a macho challenge inside my room is a little hilarious, it is difficult to validate her fears and not laugh, but all is good, I am doing just fine.

I dated this woman at Indiana University, took her the Blue Bird Bar in Bloomington, Indiana, got drunk and passed out on her, she was furious when I finally woke up from my alcohol induced sleep.

Pamela Jean Bryant Died
I have dated some beautiful girls in my life; one of them was Pamela Jean Bryant, when I dated her she was a pain in the butt. I was sad to read on the internet she died, I think it as of an asthma attack, we were not friends. Nonetheless, the woman has a difficult life and I have sympathy for her, she had many demons in her brain to resolve.

I have been trying to review in my mind, and as best I can say or admit, and I did not realize this before she arrive in Ghana. However, Cynthia may well be the prettiest girl I have even dated in my life. She make PJ look ugly, but PJ was mostly made to look pretty and Cynthia is just naturally pretty.

I call it hiding, in reality when the world become too stimulating, I need to slow it down until my mind can process and file away all the incoming data. I am dealing up close and personal will a person from Africa who thinks very African. I like Africa to live outside my room, not inside my room, there is a need to adapt.

What this means is her views and opinions are as different as two people can be on the planet. I need to absorb less, do less, so I can handle more.

Yesterday Cynthia asked me to take photos of her, then got very angry when I took photos, she wanted me to delete them, therefore I deleted all the photos I took. I will not be taking any more photos of her, I refuse to buy into this type of situation, because I take photos for fun. It is possible she one day becomes reasonable, however T.I.A.

Hiding in Cape Coast Ghana from African Culture


Cultural Fatigue is when an adjustment is made to adapt to another culture, when there becomes too many we become fatigued and need to rest.

Example: People in the USA do not cut the line at the Super Market, Bank or in the Restaurant. While here in West Africa they do it continuously.

I say to myself,
"I must accept this is not the USA."

After saying this 30 times, I am mentally fatigued because my brain had to process and think about something that is not normally thought about. It is a disruption to the mind, a disharmony and the reason people stay in one place, or live in a Five Star Hotel or Buy a Car, to limit the need to interact and compromise or think. I just go slower or hide in my room, limiting the amount of crazy per day.

Hard to say it is crazy, but it is crazy here sometimes, it is often like trying to predict what children will do next.


I hid out in my apartment in El Salvador pretty much with the Christmas Madness, heavy traffic, people talking on cell phones, running red lights, angry, butting ahead of me in line, ME first. I am retired I got all day, go ahead. The days before and during New Years turned out to be worse, just about everyone disappeared and all my friends were spending time at home with families or working, doing what they do.
New Years, despite a lot of errands is pretty good, I am active again, daytime cable tv sucks and the Internet gets boring to me after 3 hours pounding on the laptop, I am a New Yorker and proud to say it, used to walking and talking to people and knowing how, I am a cosmopolitan and El Salvador around me has changed, now, in my opinion and others, far safer and friendlier than neighboring Guatemala where I lived for several years, this is home, but after my necessary 3 week jaunt to the USA, ready to travel a bit in South America, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, a few hours on a plane each way, then buses and more buses, some good friends, a girl friend, no romance, in Lima, I know how to make women laugh, I ignore them when they get testy and if they leave, theres always another woman around the corner. My Mother was a Holocaust Survivor and my Dad was honest and hard working but had a lot of issues as did I when I was a kid, be grateful, real grateful you have functional parents that support and understand you, 2011 is year to be grateful and turn my back on negative people, just about out of FB. Today I got a sad e mail from an ex pat friend in Phillipines, one of his wifes young nephews, a teenager, got a new moto for Christmas, the other day the kid hit and injured an older woman, the family in a rage came out and beat the child to death with a rock, now people are in jail and neighbor is pitted against neighbor, stone age people.Find them here and I avoid em. And finally I am grateful my Mother and Sister gave me support when I needed it some few years ago. I miss most of all 'kvetching' (look it up) with my Mom, she despised the Puritanism in the States, she was happy at the end of her life at 90 in 2009 that I was living down here whwere I want to be and content. Rest. Stress kills. Enjoy your private time with your Cote D'Ivoire Princess.


Question asked:
"what was the relevance of mentioning Pamela Jean Bryant, and posting a picture of her, in your account of your travels in Africa?"

When writing something, it is easier for readers to compare and make an opinion than to just trust me. If I say, Cynthia is one of the most beautiful girls I have even date, and I show maybe one of the more beautiful girls photos, you can get an idea of the level.

I am comparing Cynthia to Pamela Jean Bryant, and I am sure that Cynthia is much prettier.

Life is a comparison.

However, this is always a headache, travel is real life, not just a country, a journal is what I am thinking about, not focused articles. I truly must frame every opinion around something an American can empathize with.

If I compare Cote d'Ivoire girls to Ghana girls, the reader is lost, but to compare a Cote d'Ivoire girl to real USA girls gives an American reader a sense of reference.

Writing about Africa is a great way to get people angry, but to explain that I met a girl in Africa that is more beautiful than one of the exclaimed beautys of the USA.

The truth is Pamela is pretty, but not as pretty as she is promoted, while Cynthia at here worst is always incredibly beautiful naturally.

The beautiful women of West Africa is one of the best reason any man should come to here to visit. The tourist attractions suck, the culture is primitive that turns off 99 percent of tourist, but the women are in the top 2 percent on the planet, and Christian and friendly.

Love is the subliminal reason for travel, the subconscious motivations that fuels the travel business. The search for beauty is the number one reason people travel, and I am trying to explain, West Africa is a great place to search for Beautiful people.

If I wanted tourist attractions, I would go to Paris.