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Helping People to Study Travel

Helping People to Study Travel
Are you studying “how to travel?” You may say no, I am painfully aware many of you are studying how to travel. Readers come searching for answers and become frustrated, angry and recriminating,
“You did not answer my questions, your site is worthless.”

A person wrote me the other day, what can you explain about Mosquito Nets?

I have many readers say angry, you are stupid, and for example, they say,
“I know you don’t know anything about purified water?”

I don’t know this, I am not aware, if I only studied culture, if you did this, if you did that. I know what they want. They wants me answer their specific questions they do not care what I am writing about today. More correctly, they want me to make it so they do not have to work or study.

One time I remember getting frustrated,
“If you did one search on my site, you would find many pages, you just are too lazy.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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What a persons wants, even though they do not know, I am painfully aware of this, they are asking questions like,
“Tell me everything you know about Mosquito Nets?”
“Tell me everything you know about Water?”
“Tell me everything you know about the Philippines?”

Well, it is not possible to do a Vulcan Mind Meld, but I constantly am trying to make this easier for readers.

Click on the link “Travel Drinking Water - Purified” below and you will find on the next page I have written 40 plus times about water.

This project will take me a year to complete, but I will slowly weave together my world and make you travel studying easier.

Helping People to Study Travel