Help Wanted BlackBerry Versus Iphone

Help Wanted BlackBerry Versus Iphone

I want help! I do not live in the USA!

I was asked by Verizon to review their BlackBerry Storm, and I have been grateful ever since because of the new freedom the data plan has given me to write this Travel Journal. However, because I do not live in the USA, because I cannot just walk into a store and ask questions until satisfied, I have a nagging question eating me away….
“Does the Iphone have or not have the same Global Data plan ability?” (Email)

Some reader out in never never land must be traveling globally with an Iphone and can give me a conclusive answer!

(Global! This means OUTSIDE the USA, many countries, if you have an Iphone and use in one country, this is NOT you.)

I am focused on “Data Only,” plan (Email), Verizon tries to couple the Telephone plan with the Data plan, however I am in love with the Global Email aspect of the Data Connection, it is not just Email, I can use the whole internet so they are understating what is possible.

This is confusing!

Data Connection

The Data Only plan cost 69.99, and is worth it, this is a great value, I am not sure yet what various other add on cost Verizon has in mind, but if the cost is around 75 Dollars a month, I am in, I want it even when I have to pay myself. This is truly a global internet connection, it is truly global freedom to roam the planet and have an internet connection without hassles.

I am told with the Iphone a person needs to arrange an internet connection in every country. This is what I DO NOT WANT TO DO, I do not want to talk, discuss, and even think about talking to the annoying cell companies in other countries. I have done this, it is an act of God to deal with the companies, they are truly anal.

I just changed continents, the Global (Email) Data plan from Verizon allowed me to seamlessly, gracefully and without a problem change from Africa to Southeast Asia without missing a beat. Yes, a person needs to fiddle with the Data Connection, however once a person learn how to do this traveling globally with a connection is a breeze.

Bangkok, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Thursday, June 11, 2009


Can the Iphone use the same Data plan? If I had an Iphone or one of the other Smartphones on the market, could I use the Verizon Data plan? ATT? Sprint? Am I mixing or confusing plans, does the BlackBerry have a special advantage right now over the Iphone?

I am working on the "Tether" problem, can I tether my BlackBerry storm to my computer and piggyback this connection?

Help Wanted BlackBerry Versus Iphone