HDI Human Development Interpretations

The Human development Index

I have been laughing and trying to interpret my new source of comparisons for the planet. The combination of words Human Development are difficult to get my mind around, I suppose the word Development is always the problem word, it starts me to think about what, when I look at the Index, it to me is mostly a comparison of female to male status around the world. At its very best it is just a guide, nothing more and I suspect the countries submitted their own reports. This is saying too that the very lowest are even capable of collecting these statistics, the one thing that is always lacking on the bottom rungs of civilization is any stats or reports on the civilization as they really do not collect taxes, therefore zero data to analysis, so on the bottom just guesses, or if they are asking for money high or problem, and if they want to look good, then they look good, as needed.

Most and Least Livable Countries: UN Human Development Index, 2004

I was just walking back from the India Embassy here in Cairo, I went there before I left to guarantee I could get my visa quickly. I was told by the man up returning, I pay the balance of 360 Egypt Pounds and I will receive the Visa. It takes one week for them to process the Visa they have now had 19 days, so I went today to the office to pick it up.

The say I must come back between 8:30 and 11:30 tomorrow, I was told this after I waited 20 minutes. There is a sign that says, pick up documents between 12:30 and 1:30, so I thought I was one-half hour early for picking up the documents.

He says, I have to pay the money, they fax, then I come back the day after that, so minimum I have two more days in the country waiting for India.

I am thinking about the HDI on the way back.
It could be interpreted to mean.
Human Dumbness Index

I decide to go check to see how low India is, now my Techie is very high and I tell him, out of one billion you are the top. However do not think all are there with you. The India mind is similar to the German Mind, they have a better aptitude for math on other things... go fish.

I went and checked, this is fun, I can now get an idea of the chances of problems, or the hope of less problems. So India is ranked:
108 out of 164

To me the more under-developed the country the more likely the Manama Syndrome will take into effect. On the other hand at the top of the levels you can also expect the Manama syndrome to take effect as everyone is making a CYA - Cover Your A#@ File as the Index shows also accountability, so in Norway they may have five reports to allow you to do one report. Many of the Scandinavian People complain it is impossible to start a business.

India has a class problem mostly, anyone applying for an application and not having if fixed is of low class so they may not need service.

What to me is the stupid of the planet is the idea of making it hard to enter a country.

Europe is very easy to enter from any of the same level countries. Lower going to upper is always hard because the people do not leave. However the goal of Economic Development is to have the Upper come and invest in the lower, therefore I should be one of the quickest countries to Enter Niger or India. However I can enter Europe with a wave of the passport, and for countries like Niger and India I have to beg, a business must know it is possible, not a lot time to achieve results.


I am going to now call it the Human Dumbness Index, only between me and you, we will not take this serious, however it is up there with the Jerk Quotients.

Note for the anals of the world, I am not on a English type computer and off the French so the spell checker in blogger.com works. It does not like the French, makes sense.

It will not help me care if the grammar is correct, I think I need to pay for that, as I really cannot be bothered. It is my log.

I am in Cairo for two more day thanks to India.