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Handicapped Travel in Uganda

Handicapped Travel in Uganda
Three days ago when I arrived in Ishaka, Uganda I twisted my knee badly as I was walking down the road. This accident allows me the opportunity to empathize with handicapped people.

Ishaka, Uganda
East Africa
Saturday, May 9, 2009


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being very friendly, Uganda people are a 3, this coupled with the fact that many Africans countries have the primitive trait of mockery makes life difficult.

I walk down the road limping and the Ugandan people make fun of me. Mockery and Macho behavior is common in countries with “Low Human Development.” countries. I sometimes read about loving family and support inside the nuclear families of primitive cultures, this is crap, the opposite is true. The HDI is interesting, it tends to earmark abuse against women with a focus on “Human,” not “Economic” development.
“Hmm, I am in Uganda, they treat me primitive, what should I expect?”
Hehehe, this is one reason I am here.

HDI - Human Development PDF file from United Nations
(I put on my servers because these dingalings will change links.)

It is difficult to carry the 70 Kilos or 100 plus pounds of Backpacks with a twisted knee. I plan on leaving Ishaka and going to Kabale, Uganda tomorrow. I will need to choose a Hotel from the Lonely Planet guidebook and live with that choice; the option to walk around looking for better Hotels is removed, and will double my travel budget.

Tomorrow morning I will need to carry my two backpacks about 50 Meters from the Hotel to the van loading area, I am lucky the Park House Hotel here in Ishaka is right in front of the Hotel.

Motorcycle Taxis and Bicycle Taxis, the bikes are used to haul bananas here in Ishaka, Uganda.

There are few car taxis in Uganda, instead they have Motorcycle Taxis, this become both dangerous and a problem, however cheaper than car taxis. Ethiopia was a pleasure because they had the Bajaj or Tuk Tuk three wheel motorcycle taxis; this made travel in Ethiopia easier.

I have visited Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda now in East Africa, and for sure Ethiopia had the best transportation systems.

Handicapped Travel in Uganda