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Haiti Wooden Sailboats Ships and Dugout Canoes

2009-11-21 04:41:55

Here are photos of wooden sailboats, large container ships and wooden dugout canoes. The majority of these photos were taken in Miragoane, Haiti.

This is the Caribbean Sea; even man has a tough time destroying the beauty. This photo taken in the harbor of Miragoane Haiti.

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Saturday, November 21, 2009
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Haiti Wooden Sailboat in Miragoane, Haiti.

Haiti Wooden Sailboat in Miragoane, Haiti.

Pig rooting around in front of fish market in Miragoane, Haiti, there are many discarded shells of Conch.

Miragoane, Haiti Bay, Harbor or Wharf.

Catholic Church with Sailboats Docked at the Miragoane Wharf.

Container Ship in Miragoane, Haiti.

Wooden Sailboats in Petit Goave, Haiti.

Large Wooden Sailboat in Petit Goave, Haiti.

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Haiti Sailboats Ships and Dugout Canoes