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Haiti Volunteers Need to Buy Travel Guidebook

Please forward this email or post to Haiti Volunteers. The Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers need to know how to travel from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Doctors and Volunteers need a city map to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Because I was in Haiti, these people have been talking to me on, writing emails and asking for explanations, the number one thing I find myself saying is:

Buy the Lonely Planet guidebook to Dominican Republic & Haiti

Download Chapters in PDF Format

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 19, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Download Chapters in PDF Format

I feel there is probably a need for people to rent SUV’s in DR and drive people continuously from the Santo Domingo Airport to the Haiti Border, return and do it again.

I make money from that link, but I do not make money from the Lonely Planet download links.

Haiti Volunteers Need to Buy Travel Guidebook


You are truly blessed to be connected to our fellow citizens of this planet earth. I commend you and give you the highest praise. Also, I want to make donations to you so that you can continue to connect us to our humanilty. Send info for this when you are able...Enjoy your posts


Jørgen, your advice is dangerous to these workers. they have neither the time or the skill to find every map needed on the Internet. This is the easy solution to a difficult problem. Port-au-Prince is a megalopolis, it spreads out. The volunteers may have to go North, East, South, or West to find housing there only hope is a guidebook.

The Internet in Haiti is down, only the BGAN satellite Internet groups are prepared, and this is less than 10 percent of the volunteers.

People are afraid to go to Haiti during normal time, I saw 3 tourist in two months of being on the ground in Haiti. They need to spend the money and at least download the five dollars chapter on Port-au-Prince.

You do not go into a disaster zone under-prepared, and for sure you can never say to yourself, if I have a problem I will download from the Internet.

This is just not reality, it is dangerous mentality, and the reason people are too afraid to go to Haiti, they know they should not, but I did, because I can.

I am worried, there are tourist grade volunteers going to Haiti, this is lunacy. They will need the Haiti people to save them.