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Haiti Street Food Breakfast

I am slowly coming around; I now understand how my Haitian friends eat breakfast. Naomi has now made many two-egg sandwiches for me, they are delicious. Eating in a restaurant seems like a denial of the culture, not an affirmation.

I like street food, I seldom eat in restaurant, unless with friends.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Monday, November 30, 2009
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Naomi and friend have been waving me over for days, I finally accepted.

She has many ingredients, I opted for the two eggs with small pieces of pepper to add flavor. She added some type of seasoning salts, all is well. This cost 7 Haitian Dollar, or 35 Gourde, or about 80 Cents USA.

The man to the right is a barber, he has small trailer a few meters down the road. This was my first sandwich, before I became a regular. My neighbors here enjoy a white man in the neighborhood. There is five to seven schools in the Rue Lamarre area, they all teach English and Spanish, few teach French. Therefore, it is a daily regime to have a student stop and practice English with me, or even Spanish, I am fluent in Spanish.

What is fun, a young man asked,
“You are alone, who washes your clothes?”
I said, as I raised my hand.
“I do.”

In a way, the sense or feel it strange, that a man would ever need to do this type of work. In a way, the need to have a person cook me a sandwich is out of sorts in Haiti.

This young woman was calling out from the Peanut Gallery as I ate my sandwich. I am not the tourist, I am the tourist attraction.

Haiti Street Food Breakfast