Haiti Orphans in Earthquake are OK

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I know one group of Haiti friends is alive, the map below shows the center of the Earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The orphanage I visited ran by Jasmine and Greg Martinson appears to be ok, as best I can understand, everyone is alive. There were about 35 people in the orphanage house living I visited in Leogane, Haiti. (I lived in three areas close the Earthquake, and I am still trying to telephone them.)

Quoted from Orphans Page:

Cortnie Higareda said on 2010-01-15 21:05:23

… I am Greg's daughter. Yes, they are ok. We have not heard from them personally. But from a man that was there visiting when the earthquake happened. They got all of the children out, and no one was hurt. Their house is still standing, but too damaged to enter. They are living in their yard. From what he last told me, a shipment of food and clothes was delivered. He said that they had food for months. Water, I do not know about. BUT, they are alive and well!
(I was contacted by the family of the man visiting.)

Haiti Orphans

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, January 16, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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Map of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake - USGS ShakeMap Haiti Region

This means, I hope and I pray, that my little friend Roadie on the right is alive. I am Andy Graham, the HoboTraveler.com on the left.

Haiti Orphan Photos

Haiti Orphans in Earthquake are OK


There is a donate link on their webpage.


Motorcycle Bob

I am reluctant to give charity to disaster relief for various reasons, not the least of it is the fact that my government is so willing to give others my money without my permission.

Realistically though, the real issue is not knowing who to give it to, as there are so many scams out there, and so much corruption even with the legitimate programs. What I look for is a program that I know will get the $$$ directly to those in real need, without waste. There are a few that I give to on a regular basis. My belief is that it would be best if everyone chose just a few specific charities to give a decent chunk of money to each.

Thank you for giving me a specific charity that appears to be one of those charities. Please keep in contact with them, and let us know how they do in these difficult times. Global news is too overwhelming, but hearing about one tiny corner can be almost like hearing from family.

I think it would be a good thing to put up a post reminding all of the donation link for this place, as it might help give readers the incentive to donate. One click makes it easier, therefore more likely.

Bob L