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Haiti Organized Trash Management

Women come around every morning in Port-au-Prince and sweep the streets here in Haiti. It was the same for the other six cities I know in Haiti.

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There are small dumpsters located in strategic locations, there are signs saying, donated by Unicef, USAid, etc on the side of them, etc. Thank you, giving Haiti dumpsters is a good idea; send some to India and the Philippines.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Tuesday, December 29, 2009
By Andy Graham of
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It would be easy to miss these happy go lucky women with their green shirts. They come out early, they sweep the streets and are gone before 8:30 a.m.

Haiti does have a trash management system.

1. People throw trash anywhere they wish.
2. The trash people come daily, clean, sweep and take it to a dumpster.

It is about the same system as India, without the cows to assist by eating the trash.

These people do not chase trash down into the canals, or water supply, therefore as the people throw their trash, some of it goes out of bounds. The water carries it into the canals leading to the ocean, same, same, but different.

My life is easier this way, I can just drop trash anywhere, there is about zero reason to look for a trash can, there are none. Dumpster yes, but a little too far away, when in Haiti, do as the Haitian do, drop or throw trash into the street.

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At first thought, it would make sense to have big signs, do not throw trash into the street. Fine the people, and force them to use the dumpsters.

1. They cannot read, less than 5-10 percent could read the sign.
2. There are no police to enforce, or get bribed in the neighborhood.
3. Solving the problem would put the country out of business.

The road are great, missing the covers on manholes, but still, the road are good, there are sidewalks, streets, there is not a lot of mud, the country of Haiti is modern, coated with the plastic water bags, bottles, and plastic bags.

This country needs to maintain its image, to keep the money flowing, the government must keep this country looking bad. But, not too bad, or the Non Governmental Organizations will pull out and not do anything. They need good housing, lots of beer, and a way to drive SUV’s around the country easy, when the roads are too bad, they want to leave. Fun stuff to learn about in a twisted understanding of the ways of corruption

It does not behoove any of the stakeholders in the country of Haiti to stop the problems. Contrary to the misguided understanding of planet earth, the world is still like the King and the Queens, with all their serfs. The Kings would set up a market, allow the people to make money, and then force them to pay a toll to enter and leave the city. The priority was not to benefit the serfs, the people; the priority of the government was to make money from the people. When the business ventures leave the country, when there is no benefit, the highest and best option is to become the poorest, ugliest country at first glance country possible.

Haiti Organized Trash Management