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Haiti is a Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday --- where a gladiator in Ancient Rome expects to be "butchered to make a Roman holiday" while the audience would take pleasure from watching his suffering.

I was lucky enough to leave Haiti one week before the 2010 Earthquake. Ever since then,
I have been experiencing emotional turmoil.

This question is resonating in my head,
“Should I go back?”

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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I Will Go Back to Haiti
I need closure, I need to understand, and I finally answered the question nagging at my soul. Yes, I will return to Haiti, but not now, I will go back in a year or two. I needed to make a decision, something other than a “maybe.”

Humanitarians Workers like Their Job
I have for years known that Humanitarian Workers received an ugly pleasure… I see it some type of God like rush, they feel the power of saying to themselves,
“I am the Savior.”

This is why sending in the Military is better than Social Workers; they do not want to be there.

Herein lies the whole problem with me going back now, I would have a continuous temptation to moralize, write rants, make daily social commentaries explaining the NGO’s. Then again, it is the delusional belief that I can change the world, in the end, what I hate, becomes my soapbox.

Reporters believe they are the solution, and then readers associate them with the solution. These reporters elevate their status by being associate with Heroes.

The German language word Schadenfreude is the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others, this word exist in one of the most developed countries on the planet. Mockery is the problem in primitive cultures, in developed cultures I think they call it saving the planet.

Search for Understanding
I search to for an understanding of the people of the planet, however this is not tourism, it is my personal search. I see Travel as a search for understanding of people, while Tourists tends to search for a Hedonistic moment.


My search for understanding of the world is a slippery slope, about the same as Humanitarian Workers. We can start out with noble intentions, and fall into temptation, then wrap it all in rhetoric to disguise the fact we are enjoying our “Roman Holiday.”

I find it interesting, that Backpacker are considered low class because they live with the people, while staying in Resorts is high class. This desire to elevate our personal status above others is the elixir that tourism needs to provide to thrive.

Class Wars
I would say when a person enters into a class war, the should just say,
“I quit.”

A friend her in Sosua called me,
I feel a sense of pride, while he feels a sense of power. In the next moment, I feel a small shame, and he always follows with an apology, saying at this table we are allowed to tease.

I kind of think the Ten Commandments were written to give us rules to deal with these kinds of situations.

Haiti is a Roman Holiday

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