Haiti Food Bon Bon Sirop

2009-11-11 09:24:46

I went on my morning walk here in Les Cayes, Haiti and found some delicious bread like Haiti food called “Bon Bon Sirop.”

Bon Bon Sirop, I believe is made with molasses, but I am not sure, they Hotel staff explained something to me about Sugar Cane, but not important, it taste good.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Wednesday, November 11, 2009
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I believe the cook sliced off a small piece of raw sugar cane and adorned the top, I thought it was a piece of onion at first, sugar cane is everywhere, the locals it like an apple.

I am sure there is a reader that can explain this Haiti food better than I can; please do so in the comments area below, thank you.

This boy was tailing me as he carried water back to his house, his flip flops were noisy, so I paused, allowed him to pass, and tailed him. If you look real close you will see he has music playing in his ears and there are wires going down towards his pants.

See the square storm gutters here, this is good, it appears that many good infrastructure are started, however few are completed.

The boy in front was shiny with sweat and bulging with muscles, maybe a view in my imagination of slavery here in Haiti. I am sorry Robin and other women; I failed to get the complete photo.

This was my morning in Les Cayes, Haiti, a nice walk around and trying to take photos without causing a commotion, they do not like photos.

Haiti Food Bon Bon Sirop

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