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Hagare Marrian Ethiopia

Hagere Marrian, Ethiopia
I am in Hagere Marrian, a city name that is spelled a half dozen different ways, I believe it means something of “Mary,” the mother of Christ. There is no lights, however the sun is rising now, if I am understanding the electricity in this country, it will come on shortly for about an hour so the locals can cook coffee with electrify in the Hotels. Then it will go off, and only return at night to service the prostitution and drinking business.

Hagere Marrian, Ethiopia
East Africa
Friday, March 27, 2009

Hotel Malkaa Sooddaa

I am in the Hotel Malkaa Sooddaa, that cost 100 Birr, the room is great, it has water for showers because there are a couple of water tanks on the roof, not many Hotels here have running water.

I am slowly learning about this country, it is incredible the amount of prostitution in this country. Every Hotel seems to have a system of girls, it has taken me a long time to learn and understand because I hate sitting around in restaurants or bar where people are drinking beer.

However, the last two cities the Hotel Managers have been blatantly open in their intentions and desires to arrange sex. The girl manager in the Beteseb Hotel manager in Dilla, Ethiopia and now the manager here in the Hotel Malkaa Sooddaa have just came out and said, if you want a girl it cost 200-300 Birr.

I thought the female manager in the Beteseb Hotel in Dilla was joking, the girls she was trying to arrange for me was sitting right across from me. There was a 14 year old boy who was helping here try to push the girl on me because he spoke English.

The manager of the Hotel speaks little English, however knows the words to say,
“Bettylynn, Business 300 Birr.”

When the electricity comes on at night, the music starts to blare and the Hotel Bar life takes over the city. I normally go to my Hotel room and type on my computer or watch movies. Last night, I watch some movie called “Gameplan,” with a this big guy called the Rock or something, truly a funny and entertaining movie.

During the day it is more entertaining in the city, there are endless coffee shops, the culture has now includes the Chai or Tea shops to its culture here in the South of Ethiopia.

Many Children were following me around in Hagaremarrian, Ethiopia Market.

Mother Holding Child in HagareMirrian Ethiopia Market.

The market here in Hagere Maryam is good, I believe a few more tribal culture are now coming to the market. There are a few different looks here in the south. For the most part the culture of Ethiopia has lacked diversity, the all speak the Amharic language, it tends to be the same.

I think about 85 percent of the people of the about 75 Million people live in urban areas, therefore it is possible I am 100 percent incorrect. I tend to doubt it, the Amharic language is prevalent.

Sometimes people call themselves the Amaharic people, this is common in the whole world, the people are called, named or labeled for the language they speak.

I am going to pack up now and leave for Yabela, I am hoping to get one of the midsize buses and not the vans who drive a too fast and stop too much for my transport happiness.

Hagere Marrian, Ethiopia