Guns are Normal in Philippines

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Guns are Normal in Philippines
Here are a couple photos of guards in front of a bank with some cool guns. I am good at asking people with guns to allow me take their photo.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, September 14, 2009
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This one is small and I fires about 30 bullets.

Your basic sawed off shotgun, this weapon is easy to see about in most countries on the planet.

You Wanna See a Big Gun, - Why Catholics Need Big Guns, - Hunting with a Shotgun in Peru

Guns are Normal in Philippines

That is some rusty hardware...looks like they rub them down with wire wool or sandpaper to remove the rust....not recommended procedure...the protective coating has been removed so now the rust spreads faster and maintenance becomes a vicious circle.
Are there many bank robbery attempts, Andy? or are they just careful?


Problems arise when the guards do not have adequate firearm training. Just last week an innocent bystander was shot and killed when the guard jumped from his vehicle with his finger on the trigger.

Also, when the shooting starts the bystanders or the victims are as likely to get shot as the perps.

If you hear gunfirein the Philippines, run for shelter!

# pedro said on Monday September 14th, 2009 10:24:28 AM
Pedro wonderes thoughtfully,

Are there many bank robbery attempts, Andy? or are they just careful?

DEAR Pedro,
No obvious guns outside fast-food places in LA however take THE BIG LOOK.....

Take a look at a average day in LA , California

Much safer for the most part is being in Philippines. Except for the fact that if you leave anything on your lawn (Tools,Building materials,bikes, nails,bags of anything concrete,bricks etc.), in the Philippines it will be gone in the morning in the Phils

Rule of thumb in Phils is just secure anything VALUABLE inside a house-hold that you need to secure.and you will be fine.

Rule of thumb in LA is there are no rules..............

PS. I lived in Nicaragua in what would be called Royal Shack just outside of Grenada ,Nicaragua. It was nice and had a indoor garden and MONSTER Brick and Cement BBQ that's about it. I was worried about robbery (The worry was I was assumed to be rich by locals because I am from USA)

I invited all the close neighbors (3 houses to each side and across the street 3x3 ) to a B.B.Q. after a month of living there and I hoped they would see that all I had was Not much more than they had except a huge B.B.Q. area and nice yard and that they are welcome to cook with me IF I invited them.

We got along fine and in a instant Then I had a SUPER secure home and super neighbors

Only Problem ? Well it was the occasional request of, if could host a.a First communion party or a Baptism lunch.

Basically I said.
' Free food and Victoria Beer' for me and free clean up after the party and also a Free second clean up because it will needed it especially the bathroom.. plus 20 dollar deposit
will be returned if house is clean
simple and respected.

No Problamos.........Be a good neighbor

Works good everywhere except USA. Nobody to be found for cleanup day in USA.


I did not include their faces, I do not want to accidentally get them fired. Maybe their company does not want photos on the Internet. I seldom have problems with guards, the actual police are more difficult, however, I never see police in the Philippines.

Take great care when photographing people with guns, I try to act as if there should not be a problem in the world the photo, like it is a natural thing.