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Guayaquil Ecuador Close to Ocean


I arrived by bus yesterday to Guayaquil, Ecuador, this is a city located on I guess a river or on the ocean according to how you look it. A very large city of over two million people though does not feel extremely large; however, the area does appear to sprawl around the area so maybe the metropolitan area is actually more populated.

I came with the Ormeno bus line, this is the second time I have taken this line in over five years of travel in South America, it is advertised as the Royal Class Bus line, however just so so and I was not so happy. I am not feeling good and wanted two features. One I wanted to go through the extremely ridiculously complicated border with a minimum of problems and this worked great, and second I wanted very good air conditioning. The air was not good.

Strange people do not ride first class for luxury, it is more of a way of making sure they do not have to sit with the poor people, so service is not a preoccupation with the other riders. However, for me yes, I was feeling very bad when the toilet did flush and the sinks did not drain when I was getting sick and trying to clean up.

Nonetheless, I made it to Guayaquil on a flat road so very few problems, and snagged a good hotel with color TV and AIR, I am going to try to resolve this sickness. I have been to a pharmacist twice now, however they are for sure just treating the symptoms and not the problem. I am betting on the shear time factor, time does heal 99 percent of problems. Therefore, I will try to be comfortable and not worry.