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Guatemala boys on Lago Atitlan have began to beg for money

I am a natural, I can sell anything to anybody. I hate this about myself: I wake up in cold sweats at night, I have nightmares about this, I wish I was kidding, but I am not.
"I am afraid I will talk someone into doing something, and the person will began to hate me."

I have lost all my friend three times in my life.

I love the people in my life, if I ask too much of them, they leave me.
--- I do not want to be alone or lonely.
People hate beggars, even if they are not begging.

If you are reading this, then I know I am entertaining you, if I ask you do something, I am asking because I have the right to ask, it is the price you should pay, it is not begging. Do you want something for nothing?

Shoe Shine Boys Talking with Each other, Guatemala
This photo's source is Shoe Shine Boys Talking with Each other, Guatemala

These a good boys, working for money, a natural and healthy thing on the planet, this is NOT SOME STUPID CHILD LABOR THING.

Please, please, buy from the locals, and do not give all your support to the Americans or Europeans in Guatemala, but Guatemalan in Guatemala, buy American in America.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
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The Guatemala boys begging are great sale people.
I walked out of my hotel yesterday, made it to the corner and boy approximately 10 years old came up to me and said in English,
"I am hungry, give me money."

I hate what I see in myself.
I hate what I see in myself.

There are some truly brilliant boys around Lago Atitlan:

1. They discovered the Gringos are very naïve
2. They discovered the Gringos think Guatemalan people are poor and hungry.
3. They discovered the Gringos give money to hungry people.
4. They learned how to say hungry in English.
5. They learned how to find a Gringo alone, separated from the other Guatemalan locals.
(Guatemalan people do not approve of this from people.)
6. They learned to beg, because it works, they get money for nothing.

Guatemalan people ARE NOT BEGGARS
I have always been proud to be around Guatemalan people, they are stand up people. The Guatemalan people believe in work, they do not try to be clever to earn money. The go to Church, they work, they support their families, and work hard, yes, they have a problem with alcohol, but generally this society will work for money, they do not beg.

I am sad, there are so many missionaries, do gooders here in Guatemala, the locals have finally have put 2 and 2 together and realized, and embraced begging.

Globalization of Begging
There is nothing more morally corrupting than giving a person something for nothing.

I can use myself as an example, all the problems in my life came from being smart and clever. I can charm people out of money, now I try my best to be obnoxious enough, whereby people around me have to use their brains, and ignore my obnoxious behavior thus making good decisions. I hate my clever nature, I hate my charming side, it caused me tons of problems.

Well, another culture is going down the tubes, another culture is slowly learning to beg, to celebrate clever, and look at people who work hard as being stupid.

NGO - Non Governmental Organizations
NGO - Nothing Good Organizations

Globalization of begging at an ever increasing speed,

Guatemala boys on Lago Atitlan have began to beg for money