Grammar Tips for Writers

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Today I learned the difference between Emigrate or Immigrate.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, May 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of


If, and when, and if you write, then you will learn that readers are anal, they focus on finding flaws --- and will be more than happy to point out why you are a bad person in a brutish fashion.

If you wish to avoid the bad manners of readers, then an aspiring writer needs to study the art, or learn how to provoke, writing is an art. encourages small comments for a reason, it allows people to avoid writing, this is brilliance.

Grammar Tips for Writers


Andy -
Why worry or even think it is worth reading about what other people have to say about your grammar?
It is your site, do as you wish. If I have a problem with your grammar or views, the delete button is just a small movement away.
Or maybe your are writing for the masses , hoping to hook into your online business with more clicks to generate money - I do not know.
What others think of what I am doing is really not my business. My business is being true to what I believe and feel I should do - wrong or right - it is who I am!
Just think if others were concerned most about what others thought - we would not have some of the greatest inventions that we have now. Those inventors were told over and over they were crazy, yet stuck to their beliefs and succeeded. Bell, Edison, Newton, Ford, Galileo, etc.
Just food for thought


It is valuable to read what people think about my grammar because it points at problems. However, I am fully aware that readers generally consider themselves smarter than a Hobo and licensed to complain.

I believe people should try to improve.