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Google.com Tells me What Time it is in Lome Togo

2011-01-19 01:35:23

If you have ever wanted to make a phone call from overseas, then you may know there is confusion with time. People need to double and trip check the time, this is truly necessary when living anywhere and everywhere.

If you are using a Cell Phone or a Smart Phone, you may want to set the time correctly.

Can you believe it, the web site "TimeAndDate.com" does not have Accra, Lome, Abidjan, Cotonou, Ouagadougou or Niamey in its "World Clock" page. It give me Lago, Nigeria, and I suppose it is needed by their Spoof Scammers.

I had to learn more about their site, because they do not have West Africa covered on the World Clock page. If you know where this link is, and how to access rapidly, then you are on the way to global organizational skills stardom.

However, I learned, I can just type into Google: Time (then City Name, Country, State etc.) and it will tell the local time, a rather cool Google feature.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you search on TimeAndDate.com you will get a lot of good organizational skills information.

Please do not over-simplify your understanding of me, and this organizational thing, in reality, I am a master when it comes to appointment management; do not allow the word "Hobo" to interfere with your brains ability for critical reasoning. I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, I am good at arranging appointments, I know both how to have an appointment and the reasons they do not happen. I have a world class web site because I am super organized, I spend more time worrying about arranging women than business, but go figure, it is how I arranged my life, in a proactive business lifestyle.

People think I like to write about "Travel," because I travel, and I have a travel Blog, truthfully travel can be a rather mundane writing subject, and if I had my druthers, I am not a very good Hobo or Bum, I do travel to work, but that is not the simplified view of a Hobo, a Bum is the simplified view, but a Hobo defined correctly is a a person that traveled to work, and that is what I do, I am not a Bum. I travel to find work, or other things.

Ok, if you travel to work, then you know that time is an issue, missing appointments or meetings is a guaranteed way for me to fire you, coming late to work is even more guaranteed. I had only one rule as the owner of a business, people needed to show up to work on time, if they did not, I fired them, no questions, no excuses, the first 30 days were critical, after that, well, once every 2-3 months was going to pass grade.

Note, the best way to always be on time with appointment or meeting is simple. Refuse to have meeting or appointments, and for sure refuse to have meetings and appointments with disrespectful people. I used to have six appointments on average per day, I now have less than two per month, and life is good.

In reality, business simplified, is learning to work an address book with your appointment book, people who can telephone people, and then show up for the meetings are worth their weight in gold. Most people have the brains; few are capable of capturing all the phone numbers, e-mails address’s and regurgitating them in less than 20 seconds, then if the person shows up for all meeting on time, well this is a "Master."
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The problem with people who use BlackBerry?

First, the BlackBerry is a horrible way to manage 50-100 incoming calls per day; it is a great way to manage 100-300 incoming e-mails per day.

With a BlackBerry ---
I can answer a telephone call.
I can make a quick reply to an e-mail.

However, this is not a management system; it is a reactive system, not a proactive system.

I searched for "BlackBerry Contact Management" on Google.com, what I come up is the BlackBerry Forum. I was hoping to find a list of 20 applications, and it appears there are people searching. I am sure there is something out there, but what is the name of the application?

I have an internet business, because I do not want to answer phone calls, I do not want to answer emails, I want to play all day, and receive passive income, I like this residual payment by Google Adsense every month that is wired to my bank account, then accessed by ATM, what a way to live, life is good.
BlackBerry Contact Management on Forum

I do not need a contact management system on BlackBerry, but somebody does. I custom designed a business model that allow me 100 percent freedom to make noise and enjoy life.

The Road Ahead
Hmm, I do not think I have this for reference on PDF or in E-book, this is not good.

What is the problem with BlackBerry users?
I have to make them react; they are not asynchronous as Bill Gates in the book "The Road Ahead" talked about.

I am asynchronous, this means you can send me an e-mail anytime in 24 hours, and I will reply when as it enters the queue. I have a queue; there is a system to manage emails in sequence. What a BlackBerry is good for is the people who have no system and are always disorganized. If I write an e-mail to a BlackBerry user, I know it had better be at a time when they are working and replying to e-mails, or I cannot expect a reply. If my email is sent at the close of business, it will be so far down their list, I will never get reply.

I must write many USA people at about 10 AM New York City Time, I must know the exact time zone of their existence, and contact them when I know they are not "Out to Lunch." This is truly annoying; I am about five hour’s difference in time zones, I want the world to be asynchronous, but will never be, this is a dream of Bill Gates, not the road ahead.

Gaming Twitter
I have been gaming Twitter, it is a reactive system and I need to game it at 10-11 am in the morning USA, when the Twitter crowd is doing their tweets. I have a program that sends Tweets at about 5-6 PM, this allow for the four hour spread of the USA time zones, and make my tweets find their target, the reactive bunch of Twitter people I think Twitter is the worlds biggest spam mechanism, truly a way to idly contact thousands of people and earn money.

Ok, I need to send E-mails to BlackBerry users at 5-6 PM Togo time.
Ok, I also need to call people in the USA at 5-6 PM Togo time.

It is easy to react to life; it is difficult to lead your life in a proactive way. It is not the business clients I already have that will create wealth, it is the future business, and I must work on new business to not be in a recession. I did not suffer a recession on HoboTraveler.com, we are always expanding, not receding.

Yes, Google.com has slapped my business model a few nasty swipes, but my Internet business has not been down due to a recession in the USA or world.

What is needed to get new business?
I want new traffic, but generally, people want a bigger, wider base of clients, how does a business approach new clients, when all they are doing is reacting.

"Contact Management"

This concept is difficult, first you have to manage all your reactions to life, before you can have the spare time to be proactive and expand. When a person says to me,
"I am too busy."
I think, you are reacting to life, not living a proactive life, you are a slave to whomever, whatever calls or emails you, not an enjoyable place to exist or live.

Ok, I can click on "Time City" in Google.com and find the time where I am located.

Ok, I can click on this official US Government Time link to know what time it is in New York, because the burden to know the time is on the person who is proactive, the reactive ones will be forced to show up.
New York Time

I guess some people are meant to just show up to life, and some are the heroes of their own life.

I love the world access that Verizon Global E-mail gives me, the BlackBerry proxy email servers works the best for reactive e-mail management. However, I use Skype.com to make and receive phone calls as they are routed to my local SIM or Cell Phone here in Togo.

The good part, I seldom receive phone calls from the USA, but I do make a lot of proactive calls, I am thinking of going back to Ghana, because I need to use my MTN USB wireless modem to make some 3G calls.

Sorry, this is another of them Journal Rant days, what I am thinking about now. A life of reacting is simpler and more enjoyable. Today, I live a life of reacting to life, and spend about 5-10 hours proactively enjoying what I want, because of the "Internet Business System," designed to optimize my enjoyment of life and the world.

I am never busy, this is my life, I do not control my life, there is a series of interrelated systems that allows for management of uncontrollable variables.

I found what is maybe a BlackBerry Contact Management system:
Handheldcontact.com - I do not need, but maybe you do… Note, I paid 1300 Dollars for a Newton, wow!

I am trying to communicate to readers: If you want to read only about a specific type of comment from me, then click on Home and choose the topic or topics you want, and stop listening to me generally rant, and read specific rants.
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Google.com Tells me What Time it is in Lome Togo

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