Goodbye Baguio Have a Nice Life

Goodbye Baguio Have a Nice Life
I meet many people on Planet Earth, we become friends, we share some laughs, and a very few, when I am ready to leave, I walk up, shake their hands and say,
“Thanks, Goodbye, have a great life.”
(I told Jan I am leaving and JD)

I leave Monday for Manila, I am two inches from leaving the Philippines. I will leave the Philippines around October 21, 2009 going to the USA to visit and then onward to anywhere but there. Funny, a month is nothing for me as a traveler, and a week is a vacation to most.

I seldom say goodbye to people, I long ago accepted that they do not care about me, and I do not care about them, we are just two passing trains blowing our horns. However, I do wish good will towards all people, even the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I wish to say goodbye to Baguio, I hope the place has a nice life, I do not believe I have a reason to ever return. I am clumping Baguio, Bauang, San Fernando, La Union in the same basket.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 20, 2009
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Map showing where Baguio and Bauang are located.

I have to accept my age, I enjoy spending time with people from age 25-35 and because everyone my own age is older than me it annoys me. I am 53 and I just cannot relate to someone my own age, I relate to 27-year-old people. The average age of Baguio or Bauang Expats has to be 63 about the age of living Vietnam Vets. The youngest Expat I personally met was 35; this is over the edge old in the traveler world.

We must accept who we are, and HOPEFULLY others accept that others have the right to be different and like something different. I do not need to like a place, or dislike a place. This area of the world could be heaven for a divorced male, disabled Veteran from the USA who loves to play pool and has a pension. It would be hell for a female from any country.

I still see myself as having a job, even though I work less than most retired people around me, I want to continue to live a life.

The lesson I learned a great lesson in Baguio, Alan a Brit reminded me about,
“Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

Rio, I should go back to Rio and look around.

I rather laughed; in the end, he left Brazil to come to a place where he is a big fish and small pond. Yes, we must all choose our playpens and our playmates, this is wise, and there is a place where everyone belongs.

I want to spend my life hanging around with people who refuse to die. I did not have enough money to enjoy Rio on my first trip their, I think I can ante up now; maybe this place is worth another look.

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I want to hang around, work on my websites in fun places like Rio and then go enjoy the cultural travel in Africa, this is my dream life.

Living is an Adventure, it is not for everyone.

Goodbye Baguio Have a Nice Life


EXACTLY! Just like the poem by Dylan Thomas, I want to live FOREVER and go OUT SCREAMING into the light. I don't plan to accept aging as a limitation to HOW I choose to live my life. I THRIVE off motion, learning and adventure but there are various forms of motion and adventure. For almost 2+ I have made family a priority, expanding our small businesses and now finally doing very overdue renovations to our "second child" our Manila guesthouse near the airports. I KNOW that in a few months from now it will be easy to cruise for years after such efforts and plan to take off for 6+ months maybe longer until I get bored of traveling the world and come back home to the Philippines. I KNOW what you mean about being around old people or people who act old my younger sister was OLDER than I was when she was only 16 years old. I've learned that age is all in the mind and many younger people in their early 20s discriminate against anyone over 35 years old. I know guys in their 60s who are STUCJ at being a goof off 14 year old. See you soon raccoon, Bill


Andy, you "really, really, really,really,really,really LIKE GIRLS!" (to e Hank Jr.)

: )


I like beauty, I like the beauty of people more than nature or animals. I am not capable of loving a pet or dog more than people. I have no desire to be on a deserted island looking at a beautiful sunset alone, I know that for me beauty and love must involve people.

I travel searching for a beautiful conversation surrounded by beautiful people.

I figured out this comment, I guess Hank Jr sang a song about liking girls.


Thanks for the youtube. Yep, I was ing Hank, Jr.

Andy said: "I have no desire to be on a deserted island looking at a beautiful sunset alone, I know that for me beauty and love must involve people. I travel searching for a beautiful conversation surrounded by beautiful people."

Beautifully said! Nice to get a glimpse into the inner Andy.