Good For Me is Bad for You

There are situations where I thrive, while I know you will wither and die, and the converse. I have tossed around an idea in my head for a few years, I suppose ever since I went to Iraq.

Why explain how to do something I believe readers cannot do?

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - Friday, October 30, 2009
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I suppose I could sell dreams, I personally feel a little negligent and on dangerous ground when I encourage others to do something.

Example: Many years ago, I was told how to jump trains like real Hobos of old, well this is a nice idea, and I started to plan to jump trains. A man sent me a photo showing a man cut in when he failed to jump on the train.

Now, what if I go and succeed, then many readers run off and are killed. If I run off to Iraq, the threshold cost of going there is greater; readers truly cannot just walk out the door in a fit of reader’s delirium and go to Iraq. I just cannot find the moral high ground. It always pains me, I could care less if readers like me, however I do care if a reader gets hurt following my paths.

I think my terse tone of writing often emanates from my desire to stop readers from following my path, because I know what is good for me, is often bad for you. I am doing my best to discourage you, to allow you to dream, but make you aware you need to forge the path alone and take responsibility for you actions.

Normally a travel writer will make some mundane and boring situation into an adventure.

What is good for me is bad for you

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