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Global Warming is Small Talk

Oscar Wilde said that
"Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

I believe in Global Cooling, or maybe I believe in Global Warming, neither seems important enough to worry about…

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, February 28, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I was lying on the beach, thinking about my Parent suffering from extreme cold in Indiana, I truly wish last couple of years they truly had global warming…

I thought to myself,
"I do not care about the weather; it truly annoys me to think about the weather."
"There is no reason to think about the weather, I am not God, I must accept it, I cannot change it, truly an ineffective thought."

Hmm Global Warming Nuts

First of all, cleaning up the pollution on the planet is a good idea; therefore, I am not going to obstruct the Global Warming nuts. Let them push on; I just wished they sounded like Scientist and not emboldened Zealot Journalist.

Second, statistics is about the sample, the size of the sample. 10 years, 100 years, even 500 years is not going to tell me the truth, I think it is logically impossible to tell whether the world is warming or growing colder.

Third, we must accept it, or all you folks driving SUV’s are jerks, which is probably true whether there is global warming or global cooling.

Status-cism, worst than Racism, the scourge of our small planet, the third rock.

Some people recommend looking at the shoes to size up a person, I tend to listen to the first words out their mouths. I am first expecting a Hello, I want to hear their manners first, and then learn how little brains they have.

By definition, this missive is small talk, because it is about Global Warming, LOL.

Global Warming is Small Talk


It's an interesting discussion. It seems our planet goes through natural hot and cold cycles. We have been in a hot cycle for some time... around 8,000 years ago, people lived on the land that is the English Channel and North Sea between England and Europe. The ice melted, this land flooded, it is now the sea.

All global warming says is that we, as humans, have set the weather on a trajectory to becoming a little hotter than it has ever been during a hot-cycle before, at least since the earth began to support life. we have, or had, the potential to slow all this down, the planet would still have gotten hotter, but not so hot or not so quickly. We may, however, have already passed the tipping point. I think the real 'inconvenient truth' is that we caught on too late. We need to stockpile canned goods and hunker on down.

Time will tell. Should we worry? Only if we still have time to change it... otherwise, why bother?