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Global Email Blocked Travel Tip

Global Email Blocked Travel Tip
Email anywhere on the planet, anywhere you can connect to the internet the inferred promise is you will have email.

Can you trust email? No, if you go to some countries you will be blocked, filtered, maybe emails sent to you will be returned. I am in Kenya, similar to Nigeria, or Ghana, however I think Kenya is monitoring their country and stops emails, I believe someone is blocking emails being sent to me.

I have three email accounts.

1. is my primary.
2. is my backup.
3. I have for a strange reason, this account is unreliable and questionable, however for business reasons I sometimes use…

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.

I have received two phone calls, one from the USA, and another from Thailand saying,
“Your Yahoo Email does not go through.”

I am 90 percent sure the person writing in Thailand is truly blocked; I think my friend Mike in the USA does not understand. Mike called me on a telephone number, and my Thai Friend cleverly caller ID a call from me on the BlackBerry Storm and then called me later. I was not happy about this, I think it was a 3-4 dollar a minute phone call.


I called her and told her to try my account, she wrote the account, which is then forwarded to my account. I read it, then go open account, and reply, if I reply from the account is does not arrive, however does work Yahoo is not functioning correctly in Kenya.

Who is blocking? I truly have no idea, there are so many relays between Kenya and Thailand, there is the local Edge provider here called Safaricom, there are relays, maybe Yahoo USA stops them, maybe Yahoo Thailand stops them, maybe her Hospital IT department in Thailand stops them.

There are IT departments that stop emails and they never tell you.

I was in an Airport in the USA, I tried to chat on Yahoo Messenger, somehow the airport had this blocked.

One suggestion, if you are in doubt, reply to an email; do not start an email, somehow emails like known successful paths.

A good businessperson anticipates problems, is aware of possible problems, and hopefully can solve problems.

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Global Email Blocked Travel Tip