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Glenn Beck Entitlement Mentality

Glenn Beck Entitlement Mentality
Have you traveled to Africa, Central America, South America, and asked yourself,

“Why do I deserve to live in a nice hotel,
while everyone around me lives in poverty?”

Why am I “entitled” to be rich?

Glen Beck

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - Thursday, October 29, 2009
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Why am I entitled to travel the planet when your sitting home working your butt off?

I watch a truly spooky Glenn Beck show this morning,
Collapsing the System

Quote from a writer that belittles Glenn Beck.
“There is a growing awareness among the general public that the entitlement mentality is bleeding the nation dry…”
By Patrick Glenn
Glenn Beck Tells You What You Want to Hear

When I searched on Google, I found another writer gloating
Glenn Beck Loses 57 Advertisers for Fox

If I tell the truth about countries, finding advertisers becomes difficult, this is the reality I face every day of the week. I am 100 percent aware that telling the truth as I see it cost me money.

A person should never travel the planet, one day they may just ask the question.
“Why me, why am I entitled as an American to be rich?”

Glenn Beck Entitlement Mentality


I hope the USA does not mind when a factory in China or Thailand sells products for half the price as the same product made in the USA. I object when the USA factory feels a person should not buy the cheaper, yet same quality product... because they are entitled because the are American.

When a job goes overseas it is because the American people felt entitled to earn more than another country.

Now I live by making western money, then spending in other countries, I suppose by spending money in other countries I suck cash from the USA and insert it into other countries.

When a person objects to this, this is the entitlement mentality.


Hyper-inflation was outlined on television by Glenn Beck today correctly.