Glenn Beck Entitlement Mentality

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Glenn Beck Entitlement Mentality
Have you traveled to Africa, Central America, South America, and asked yourself,

“Why do I deserve to live in a nice hotel,
while everyone around me lives in poverty?”

Why am I “entitled” to be rich?

Glen Beck

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - Thursday, October 29, 2009
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Why am I entitled to travel the planet when your sitting home working your butt off?

I watch a truly spooky Glenn Beck show this morning,
Collapsing the System

Quote from a writer that belittles Glenn Beck.
“There is a growing awareness among the general public that the entitlement mentality is bleeding the nation dry…”
By Patrick Glenn
Glenn Beck Tells You What You Want to Hear

When I searched on Google, I found another writer gloating
Glenn Beck Loses 57 Advertisers for Fox

If I tell the truth about countries, finding advertisers becomes difficult, this is the reality I face every day of the week. I am 100 percent aware that telling the truth as I see it cost me money.

A person should never travel the planet, one day they may just ask the question.
“Why me, why am I entitled as an American to be rich?”

Glenn Beck Entitlement Mentality


I hope the USA does not mind when a factory in China or Thailand sells products for half the price as the same product made in the USA. I object when the USA factory feels a person should not buy the cheaper, yet same quality product... because they are entitled because the are American.

When a job goes overseas it is because the American people felt entitled to earn more than another country.

Now I live by making western money, then spending in other countries, I suppose by spending money in other countries I suck cash from the USA and insert it into other countries.

When a person objects to this, this is the entitlement mentality.


Don't worry, Glenn Beck is mistaken. I'll leave it at that.


Hyper-inflation was outlined on television by Glenn Beck today correctly.

I won't comment on Glenn Beck.

I will comment on's comment.

If you think that the reason that you could be "rich" in a country filled with poor people, is because you are willing to work hard and they are not, then you, sir, need an education. That is an arrogant and ignorant statement.

Thats not how the world works.

There are billions of poor people on this planet that are so not because of any lack of work ethic.

Most of the rich in the world are so because they had the family resources to allow them to be so. This includes everything from the education that they were afforded, to political and business connections. In most countries in the world, you would have very little/no chance of being 'middle class' or rich unless you were born into a very small circle of families.

However, for the sake of simplicity, lets take the USA as an example, where supposedly 'anyone' can make it. But I'm only going to talk about the very wealthy. How do a large portion of todays wealthy make their money? "The market". They don't provide anything of value to society (product or service) that justifies society handing value/wealth back to them, and hence them becoming rich. Instead, they skim wealth from the market, which has the end effect of making it much harder for the average real value producer (the middle class) to make money above and beyond what it takes to live. In short, the wealthy value stealer skims the profit off of the value created by everyone else. Thats a summary of the actual economics behind the mechanisms of our economy. So, if you actually produce something of value, like a product or service (to anyone other than people who make their money by stealing value) then dont feel guilty. If not, then feel guilty, as you make it more difficult for everyone else to live.


Look at Zimbabwe, if you want a recent example of money printing/hyperinflation.

Motorcycle Bob

Andy said: *When a job goes overseas it is because the American people felt entitled to earn more than another country.*

Very True. But add that the US has one of the highest business taxes in the world, many more regulations, environmental considerations, the *not in my back yard* mentality...... Along with sometimes just really bad decision making in big companies. Sometimes a manager convinces his managers that moving jobs overseas will save the company money, just so that he can say that he *did something*, even though in the long run it is bad for the company. Not to mention many other things driving it including Government incentives to move jobs out. etc etc etc..........

david said on Friday October 30th, 2009 12:44:30 AM

Look at Zimbabwe, if you want a recent example of money printing/hyperinflation.
ahh you forgot to add kicking out the white farmers and business people that have been there for many generations. This contributed to the lack of all production, food and a stable currency but that's probable a racist thing to say facts these days.

I'm sure the new land owners just had bad luck with the rain gods past ten years.

Look at all the stable African counties......I am truly in awe of Africa being the birthplace of civilization that functions so well and freely with such a large head-start and freely share their knowledge and expertise with the developing world.