Ghana Wedding in Tarso Hotel in City of Ho of Volta Region

2011-02-12 23:43:25

Two people I know got married yesterday in the Tarso Hotel here in Ho, Ghana. It is where I am presently living; therefore, there was no way avoid attend the wedding.

The Ghana Wedding Couple

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Sunday, February 13, 2011


One of the wedding gifts, it was not clear; it appears all the gifts were given from the man to the women. The people who attended the wedding did not bring gifts, although there was a dollar dance, using mostly one, two, and five Cedi Ghana notes.

Peace Corp Ghana
A Peace Corps Volunteer man came down from some city he said is the highest in Ghana to visit Ho, and walk around. He by chance ended up watching the Wedding in the Tarso, Hotel. I teased him,
"Marmot Backpack, the worlds most expensive Backpack."

We talked; he was raised in Elkhart, Indiana, which is about 50-60 miles from my home in Orland, Indiana or close to Angola.

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I put a Google Map here, I am mostly playing, and I want to see how well it gets through all the newsletter sending service API and if it shows up centered showing both Elkhart and Orland on the same Map. I zoom in or out, and the embed code does not follow correctly or maybe it does?

I found, if I ask for directions, then the two cities were included better.

Randal was a good person, timid, said he lost 75 pounds here in Ghana in the six months he has been here. I tell you, West Africa is a great way to lose weight. Although he said the Peace Corps administration told them, the women would gain weight and the men would lose. I thought about it, the men I meet here in Peace Corps are thin, and the girls are pleasingly plump, and just not so pleasing.

Peace Corps Statistics
He told me that 50 percent of Peace Corps volunteers were over 50, I think this are way off base. I asked him about his present group of about 150, he said there was maybe five, I am trying to recall his words, and for sure he is not the speaking for Peace Corps, so do not take this as being perfectly accurate. I just know, of the Peace Corps I see worldwide, the majority of them are less than 27 in age, although if you included the administration than I am sure 50 percent are over 50, or close.

Generally, of the boys and girls they feed to the Lions here in West Africa, the ones the place in small village are young. the older ones, the administration or management, driving around in the 4-wheel drive Toyotas… (Why not buy American, I am sure we pay too much anyway?) are older.

I think Africa will be a good thing for Randall, it will help build confidence, and toughen him up, and he is right, Africa does seem to fatten up the American girls here. Hmm, interesting idea, a Father could encourage his son or daughter to join Peace Corps to Be a Man. I do not want women to be men, I want them to have fortitude and know who they are. I think of a few ways to do this, send to boot camp, two-a-day football, work construction, maybe high steel or concrete, work on the farm, and keep the boy out of working at Taco Bell or McDonalds.

Then, it would be hard for me to say, do not work as a nerd at Best Buy on the Geek Squad or at Barnes and Noble bookstore. I have to admit, the idea of having children seems scary, there is too many crazies being accepted as normal in today’s world.

There is balance needed, too much of anything and a person fall off the edge, loses their emotional footing and end up never understanding the plot of life.

Note, anyway I do, working on the Internet and writing is wimp work, but traveling to Africa is not for boys, this is the balance.

Google Alerts Bet
Peace Corps volunteers are using Google Alerts to find new posts; they spend a lot of time playing and normally find pages with the world Peace Corps in them.

Google alerts is a great way to monitor subject, for example, I have the alert,
"," whenever a person writes about my site, I get a notification, it is not perfect, but semi-ok.

Cost of USB Wireless Modem in West Africa
I am paying roughly one dollar for 50 Megs of transfer, as best I can guestimate, the cost in Guatemala and Honduras as about one dollar per 125 Megs. This means a video cost me about 50 cents USA to upload, a Blog post is about 10 cents, and talking on Skype for one minute is about one cent, with video about two cents per minute.

Use a Cell Phone to Load a USB Wireless Modem SIM
I have used a USB wireless modem now in a few countries; you should never leave the office without knowing exactly how to load on more time. Yes, these will work in the bush, however can you load in them in the bush with more credit?

The way that seems to work the best, is to take the SIM out of the Wireless Modem, and put it into a local cell phone, load up the time, and then put back in the USB Modem. This means you must be carrying a small-unlocked phone with you or you are out of luck, that USA phone is going to be heartache, or like having a second mortgage payment.

Using a USA Cell Phone Abroad
If you have a cell phone, and you use it all the time in the USA, it appears you need to remove the SIM card out the USA phone prior to traveling around the world. If you do not, the phone calls could automatically follow you, and just the calls going to voicemail could bankrupt you.

I am carrying extra load time card in my pocket, if the phone runs out of time, I want to just load on more time. The downtime of finding another card could cause business problems with a prepaid card. With the card in my pocket, I know I always have time, I do not have to check the balance, and I know I have some balance if needed.

Ghana Wedding Video

Weddings, I suspect readers can relate, food, weather, telephone, this for sure is something all readers do, not off the mental map of understanding. I will be monitoring this video on to see how many people view.

Videos of Hand Made Bricks being made by Three Ghana Boys

Ghana Wedding in Tarso Hotel in City of Ho of Volta Region

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