Ghana People Ask, Which Church do You Attend?

I would say, approximately one time per day, someone ask the question here in Ghana,
"Do you go to Church?"
"Which one?"

Ghana, I am in one the most focused on being Religious countries on the planet, and it could be argued, the last place that needs Missionaries.

This is interesting, I just realized, my answer is confusing for Ghanaian people, they seldom have heard of the Lutheran Denomination, and we are tempted to enter into an argument. Maybe more correctly, I become argumentative, last night I raised my voice and said,
"Martin Luther posted a list of protests on the door of the Catholic Church; this protest started the PROTESTANT religions. I am sure your Church is one of the Protestant Churches in a list of hundreds that continually spins out of control."

My Religious Failure
Up until two minutes ago, I thought I was doing a rather good job of being a good boy when dealing with these never-ending questions by locals about God, Churches and what I believe or do not believe.

However, I now realize I have consistently failed in Ghana and the other West African countries to obey my own belief that God allows the existence of temptations which leads humans to argue as a test. The Ghana people ask me where I go to Church, and instead of being soft and guiding, I am hostile because of what I consider religious ignorance, and I said last night.’
"Do you Africans know Jack Shit about religion?"
(I wonder where I learned to say Jack Shit?)

This was a failure on my part, not theirs, truly is the job of the above to be patient with people downstream, even though that is a belief of mine, maybe a leap of faith.

Yep, I was tempted to argue with these people, and I do, rats, what a failure to obey my owns personal beliefs. I am going to feel guilty for a second, ask for forgiveness and keep on truck in. Then again, I also believe that sitting around feeling shame and guilt is a religious failure, so I am not going to worry about this much; I am going to modify my response to these questions and move on with my life, a better person in a very small way.

I am very lucky, I do not associate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the Lutheran Religion or this would been some dandy fuel to verbally beat up Africans with, I could have said,
"I have a Dream --- you have a clue where the name Martin Luther maybe came from?"

Hmm, there I go again, I did some research, Martin Luther Jr. was a Baptist, and has this name Martin Luther, put the Dr. in front of it, and the King after, and I could rant for hours about the pure confusion, and pretentious associations.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, February 5, 2011


Martin Luther Protests

Darn, time to Stop
I have to stop, or I will again violate my own personal belief systems and lead readers into confusion. I believe that God allows confusion to exist so that man has the opportunity to argue. When a person walks away from confusion, arguments, and refuses to be sucked into them, the person has succeeded in being a good person. Allowing ourselves to be sucked into an argument and become angry is not the Kingdom on Earth; it is trip to beyond the bottom of the well.

Pretty much in a nutshell, a good person should do their best to stay out of arguments over God or the good Gods, and for sure, we should not start arguments, because the starting of arguments is the work of Satan, and we should not be missionaries for Satan by starting arguments for him, or maybe her. (Is Satan a man or women?)

I have had some extremely religious nuts want to start truly provocative debates in the comments of this Blog, and my job is to stop or bring harmony, not to allow this confusion to grow. Provocations are meant to make people think, they are not meant to make two people argue, to allow to people to argue is injurious to their spirits. While to provoke two people to enter new realms of understanding can be a good thing.

There is no comment possible about a religion that does not have two sides and the temptation to argue and cause confusion to grow is always there. Stop Andy, time to Stop, I will be gentle when the Ghana people ask these argumentative questions, I will commit to not failing again.

If you want to be provocative, I have realize, just write what you truly believe, there is nothing more provocative than you real opinion unedited, nothing teaches more, nothing can cause more arguments than honesty.

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Ghana People Ask, Which Church do You Attend?