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Ghana Internet CyberCafePro

Ghana Internet

I am very annoyed at the CyberCafePro program in the internet cafes or cyber cafes as they call them here in West Africa. What this program does is allow a person to only use about 10 features of the computer and denies any access files, and making of files. Any program that is not already there does not seem to work.

I am extremely good on a computer, I can figure out some work around situations where I can continue to progress. Not good, but I can progress, my solution now it get the Cyber Café to allow me here in Tokoradi, Ghana to use my computer and escape this every stupid CyberCafePro management system for Internet Cafes.

Playing on the computer, chatting, and music downloads, military games are also annoying to me, however the persons that know how to do these things can often play and learn how to do coding, or PHP or Database and many other more advance toys. I have workers on my site, they are the biggest players around, and they spend endless hours toying around with how to do something.

The playtime was possible, they started to play. If I wanted to keep a country ignorant and away from any serious computer work, and advanced technology, keep them behind in all aspects of computer work. I would put CyberCafePro on all computers. Stop the ability of the curious mind to do anything but chat or go to love sites, look at photos.

A computer in an internet café is not a place to store valuable information. Saving information on a computer in an Internet Café is not needed. A disk drive of less than one gig would hold everything most of the time. What the world spends so much money in internet cafes to protect nothing seems to me the heights of logical ignorance. All the geese really can fly the wrong way, it is totally possible, but as of now, all of Ghana, Niger and Ivory Coast are traveling the wrong way, not so good, sad in fact, the youth cannot play, until they become good, someone sees it, and then gives them a big toy of their own.

Ghana Internet