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Ghana Girls Video, Mormons and a Future Ghana Chief

I recorded an impromptu video of a groups Ghana girls who came to the Tarso Hotel for some form of meeting here in Ho, Ghana. It is at the bottom, I have started putting videos at the bottom of post, to make it easy for readers to watch daily videos.

This Ghana girl was posing for the camera.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Friday, February 11, 2011


Imported Mormon from South Africa, when I was in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast there were a few from Nigeria. From a marketing religion perspective, the missionaries seems to come to the wrong places, this is a 98 percent Christian communities, I suppose the focus could be on convincing people to change denominations. I am not sure, but I thought the normal Christian view was Buddhist, Hindu, or Islamic types where going to hell because they are worshipping the wrong God. It would behoove missionaries to go to these areas, India with the Hindus, Southeast Asia with the Buddhist, or Sub-Sahara with the Islamic people. Then again that is a dangerous thing to do, trying to convert religions is for sure an "Adventure Traveler."

I define Adventure Travel as when you could be killed, therefore going to work as a Missionary in an all Islamic area would be an Adventure trip.

I suppose trying to make a Christian that already believes, to believe again is easier.

Anybody been reading this Blog for 10 years, then you may remember "Born again Bob." I met this main Baghdad, Iraq shortly after the major start of war offensive ended in the number two Iraq war. I think in August or September of 2003.

He was being a Missionary in the middle of Baghdad, Iraq, and amazing sense of faith, I admire anyone that has complete faith in their safety.
Born Again Bob

This man deserves a good life, I hope he found it.

What makes a Marriage Last?
A Jehovah Witness man with an attractive woman stopped to talk with me in the street close to the Market here in Ho, Ghana. The mans English was great; it was intriguing to study how he expressed himself, and his language skills.

Well, he starts telling me about my wife, and tying it to a marketing pamphlet.

1. My Mate and I are Growing Apart.
2. I am no longer getting what I want out of this relationship.
3. My mate does not live up to his or her obligations.
4. My wife is not submissive.
Hmm this was a good one, and there is a Bible Principle explained.
1 Corinthians 11:3
"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God."

The way I understand this, according to the Bible, Man is the head of the family, and the wife is supposed to be submissive. The reason is because, if the man is doing what is right according to the word of God, then why wouldn’t the women submit to the will of God?

Fun stuff, I finally slowed the man down and said,
"I am not married."
He goes,
"Why not?"
I tried to give my pat answer,
"I do not know why, please ask God."
Of course I looked at the very nice and happy women when I said, I am not married.

I seem to be a good listener to missionaries. I am never quite sure why. I get this real feeling that to help a missionary, I need to listen to them, there is this need on their part to have people listen. I keep thinking if I listen, they will have the hole in their chest filled up, but the wind blows through it and they keep talking.

Here is the Jehovah Witness site, I am sure a few males want some fuel to find out how to make their women submissive. Hmm, Submissive Wife?

I would think it married couples should negotiate out boss responsibilities. For example, I would be in charge of the computers in the house, and my wife, if I had a wife would be the boss of how to clean my room, this allows the person who is best at something to explain. I am very submissive when people start to explain how to clean my room, it is obvious I am not good at this and could learn.

I was looking at this small boy, when the mother said,
"He is the first born of a chief; therefore he will be a chief?"
She explained that the Chief was in Accra, Ghana, and that they were not together.

Can Ghana Chief have many wives, and if they can, is only the first born a future chief. I am never excited to hear or learn about Chiefs, King or Queens, these born to be positions in life feel like the word Dictator in disguise.

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Ghana Girls Video, Mormons and a Future Ghana Chief


In the majority of the World, Mormons are not treated as Christians by the rest of the Christians, they're seen as a 'cult' (New Religious Movement in academic terms). I think it's sheer numbers in the USA that force it to be taken more seriously by the Government. Most Christian churches consider Mormons (and Jehovah's Witnesses) to be outside the fold. (And, indeed, Mormons and JWs tend to think the rest of Christianity isn't really Christian, too, which explains their proselytism.

Brotha J

" I keep thinking if I listen, they will have the hole in their chest filled up, but the wind blows through it and they keep talking." I love that statement.