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Gaddafi Marks his Territory in the USA

Gaddafi Marks his Territory in the USA
President Obama is one, maybe two generations away from being African. I wonder if he knows that Africa and Arab culture mark their territory? I watch Obama walk, I listen to him talk, and Obama shows respect to people in the Africa manner, he shakes hands with both hands, bowing towards the person. He talks endlessly in a smooth fashion fully aware he cannot do what he says. This is the Africa way, tons of talk, and no action.

However, come on he does know what Muammar al-Gaddafi is doing with this tent in the USA. Obama should not allow Gaddafi to walk around in the USA and piss in the corners of our culture.

Gaddafi a terrorist is making his mark, he is provoking and challenging the USA, this is clear to me, he is being African, he is being Arab, he is winning, again my country is clueless.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
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The “Right to Bear Arms.”

I think this situation lies in the realm of the right to bear arms, the second amendment of the USA.

Gaddafi should be allowed to speak at the United Nations, he has the right to rent a room in a Hotel, the Hotel does not have the right to refuse him entry, and this is our law. However, to come in and piss in the corners of our culture is a provocation and insult to the USA culture, he is the leader of a nation, he is outside his rights.

Amazing, just amazing, where are all those crazies who are supposed to be training in the mountains of Wyoming?

Gaddafi Marks his Territory in the USA


Yes Richard,
"Nationhood is an increasingly washed-up concept."

I am 100 percent sure that England culture is ending, England is being invaded by Indian, Pakistan and all of Eastern Europe so fast there will be no English culture in a few years. This is OK with me, as it is OK with me as the USA culture is consumed by Mexico, this is normal cultural change.

Gaddafi is in the USA because George W. Bush got him to let loose of his weapons of mass destruction, he was afraid he would be next after Iraq. Now, Obama is allow him to make ground again, to mark his territory.

All Obama has to do is set boundaries, walk softly and carry a big stick.

The sale of weapons to other countries does not give these countries the moral high-ground or the need for us to be stupid. We are not obligated to NOT attack Iraq, in my opinion because we sold them weapons, we are obligate to attack and clean up the mistake we made, this is politics, a nation will become empowered we hope, we want Afghanistan and Iraq to become empowered to become a nation to be strong.

Do I think in 20 years Afghanistan or Iraq will be our friend in the future?
No, it would have been better to allow Sadaam and the Taliban to control, they would have kept the idiots under control by mass kiilling, it would have been easier to allow Hitler to stay in power also, allow him to do as he wishes, just do not bother the USA.

It is good we attacked, they will know better than to mass murder people, they will know they must be careful, there are limits.

Two steps forwards, and one step back, this is politics, there are not good answers.

Obama and all Presidents are surrounded by incredibly brilliant people and he needs to tell the USA people and the world idealistic views so they elect him.

I am happy, for the most part he has behaved just as I expected, make tons of promised and then make smart decisions ignoring all the promises he made.

The USA people and Western Cultures no longer accept the truth, they want a lie, they want hokey truths told to them, the same as Africa or they will not vote.

Funny stuff, however if Gaddafi is allowed to mark his territory, if he is not stopped, the end game is he tries to take more, opens up his weapons of mass destruction program and all the progress made with this country are lost. What George Bush accomplished with Libya will soon be gone, all the progress will be over.

I do not want Obama to lose ground, so far he has changed nothing, he has effectively done the same as McCain would have done, his action are what he believes, and the public listens to his words.

We should not give up the good aspect of our culture because a bully walks in the door, all it takes for evil to exist is for a good man to say nothing.


Funny stuff, careful folks, true believer are true believers, they sound great.

Why is he associateing Muslim or Islamic with Gaddafi, he truly should have passed on Gaddafi and found a nice guy to be assocaited with...

Too funny, Gaddafi is bad guy, no two ways about it.


He is a way is saying to me, this website represent who Gaddafi is, fully engage your brain here readers, not as simple as being represented. I normally delete these types of comments, confusion is the devils only friend.

On the same line, please try to understand why?


All religions want others to end. I am not sure what you call this, it is not bigotry, because they do have a rational reason. It is not racism, but smells of the bigot of a racist.

Religions have what they feel is God behind them, they feel they are on the moral high ground and they are willing to kill. The Islamics have the Jihad, and they have declared war on my, not all, but enough that I do consider it a general threat and not just one crazy zealot.

Funny stuff to me, but I do not get myself confused, I do the right thing I do not care what a church, God, religion, culture or reader says. I make up my own mind and when the stance is wrong, I will change.

I must groups these two together.


Trust me, I am fully 100 percent aware that me being in the Philippines or Thailand gives me a bad name with readers. I do not care, I have a good name with myself and know that readers are unknown people, normally anonymous and do not care about me, I am not under an illusion that readers are my buddies. It I stopped writing for a week, they would not write to check up on me. I have stopped writing for up to three weeks, nobody writes to see if I am safe, except my mother.

I have one agenda, I want you to look for truth that is not negotiable, truth that does everyone agrees on, that is easy to say, that is the truth. The moment you start to need persuade to believe the truth, then there is a problem. However a dishonest person seldom trust an honest person.. hehehe


Bob L, you said,
"I would mistrust a truth that everyone believes in more than any other."

This is not the form of truth I seek, I seek more or less universal or absolute, truths that a normal person cannot reasonably debate about.

There are truth I say to myself and truths I say to a group, however a person can say truths, write truths which are difficult to debate about.

“Talk to people that smile.”
“Walking helps me to understand the world I live in better than reading.”
“People like honest people.”
“The less I do, the happier I am.”

I wrote about universal truths on this page:


The truth is always true even if noone believes it to be
you can't plan to be spontaneous
It's safer to go there in your head.
There will always be someone around to correct your grammar.

I suppose in the, the only absolute or universal truth is, you can always find one person who will disagree with any comment.