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FTC Guide Governing Endorsements Testimonials

Blogger and Travel Writers are worried, they are being told to expose their dirty little secrets. Wow, I finally figures out what Travel Writers are talking about, and this is GREAT. I was in Haiti and off the news grid for a few months; I now understand what the Travel Writers are talking about.

Blogger Need to Explain How they Make Money
Blogger, Travel Writers, Internet Pages and more or less casual writers need to disclose when they endorse a product, talk, write, and make money. There has developed a small panic with Travel Writers all over Planet Earth. This is good for me, bad for them; I am enjoying watching there rush to hide their dishonesty in advertising.

Explaining Has Problems
I have a few well-intended reader comments, when they understand; they try to help by clicking. I put the donate button up again as one remedy to readers who feel an obligation to pay, who feel they are receiving benefit for nothing.

Read the Government Press Release
Read the Legal Document Federal Trade Commission PDF File

Started working on Policy:
Disclosure of Andy Graham | |

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, January 30, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear |  | Top Travel Site

My Self-Policy Made Years Ago
I am not going to claim innocence; however, as chief writer for the Travel Journal, I have tried my best to explain through the years. I made my own self-imposed ethical decision years ago to not search for Free Hotel Rooms, Tours or Airplane Tickets. I am not saying, I do not take them, or would not take them, but getting involved is a problem, the moral dilemmas collide.

Bottom Line, I do not like being nice to people in exchange for FREE.

How does this effect Andy Graham of
Example: Verizon provides me with a HTC Touch Pro II with their Global Data Plan. This is a benefit to me, I receive indirect financial gain. Now, I will try my best to explain the exact and specific nature of doing a review of this product.

Example of Reviews: I was given a neck pillow a year ago, I was asked to review it. I hated the thing, so I never wrote about it. The women told me I needed to pay for it, it became a joke. I said, do you really want me to review this and tell folks what a joke the pillow is. Subsequently, I have made the self-imposed policy, I will only tell folks what I like, and I am not getting into the what-I-hate business. However, I also have always said, I will only write about things I would buy myself.

This is a great move by the FTC, truly the slimy behavior of Bloggers, Travel Writers, and all Internet Pages need to stop tricking readers.

Thank You
Andy Graham

Started working on Policy: Advice and Opinions are Requested

Disclosure of Andy Graham | |

FTC Guide Governing Endorsements Testimonials