Friends Filter Crazy Thoughts

I use friends to filter my ideas; the goal is to allow them to say to me,
"Andy, that is crazy."

I have been concerned now for years about various people I meet traveling, often they are hermits. One of my friends John, who is here visiting said,
"People need friends and family to filter out the crazy thoughts."

I agree, we need "Head Filters."

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Wednesday, June 16, 2010
By Andy Graham of


There is another problem, there is this trend to allow people to say what they want to say, to think what they want to think without judgment. A good thought is going to survive judgment, and I am 100 percent sure some ideas need squashed.

The Internet is a Problem
I met a man in Ghent Belgium who made graphics of naked women on Crucifixes. He had found a following of people who would give him donations for doing this, I told him,
"I think this is crazy."

I said it in a way that was real, safe, and open; however, I truly was trying to make a point. Generally, I could see that his family and friends just ignored him, hoping he would go away, and he did, he went into the world of the internet, and he does not dwell in the real world.

The normal, hard working, Mothers and Fathers of the world are the filter, not your half-crazy boyfriend or girlfriend who smokes dope all day.

Friends Filter Crazy Thoughts


I have always thought that if people have good enough friends who will listen to them even if it's just lenghty monologues of venting there would much less need for overpaid psychiatrists. Often people who are different than what's considered hip, attractive physically, young, rich feel left out by the majority of any population so seem like hermits. A few choose such solitude or privacy but I thinkn most would respond to someone reaching out with a smile or gesture or invitation. Over the last few months of following your blog fairly regularly I have wondered about you traveling solo for the majority of the time over so many years I like traveling alone for periods of time but definitely meet and go out with people I meet along the way or otherwise, get a bit homesick for the Philippines.