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Free Condoms for NGO

Free Condoms for NGO
NGO means:
Non Governmental Organizations, these are organizations like World Vision who drive around in the large Toyota Land Cruisers in Africa and hang out at expensive hotels drinking beer and buying women.

Ishaka, Uganda
East Africa
Saturday, May 9, 2009


Free Condoms offered in the Siaya, Centre Hotel in Siaya, Kenya.

Free Condoms in Nakayima Hotel in Mubende, Uganda.

And really stupid and sad at the same time, I applaud both Kenya and Uganda for have a couple of Hotels with free condoms. However, I denigrate their Hotel choices; in both instances where I encountered them I was in one of the nicest Hotels in the village.

I was in the Siaya Centre in Siaya, when I moved to the Sussy they did not offer them. I was in the Nakayima in Mubende, when I visited the Village Inn, there were none.

I title this free Condom’s for NGO, I believe the Non Governmental Organizations that probably placed these free condoms out, chose the most expensive hotels where they stay. Not the cheaper Hotels where they are really needed by the poorer people, they made sure they had a steady supply.

Sadder yet, both of these boxes were overflowing with Condoms, think about it, if these boxes were in the USA, they would be empty in minutes; everyone would be grabbing a couple of handfuls.

It is not difficult to understand why AIDS is higher in Africa; the locals truly know about Condoms, this Banana Myth is crap, there is a refusal to be safe. I suppose the same as refusing to wear a seat belt.

Note, the Condoms were made in the USA.

Free Condoms for NGO