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Frankfurt Airport and Internet

2004-06-07 06:09:00

So I get to sit around in the airport for 11 hours waiting for my plane at 11:30 with Quatar airlines.

The airport is a one of the best people watching places as every girl in the world seems to think they need to be fasionable to fly. Plus the ugly people do not seem to fly. I have not figured out why but than again they let me fly

NOTE: This is European keyboard and the keys are different. I cannot find the comma.

I already wrote in my offline blog to publish later but one way to pass the time is I am going to watch a couple of movies on my laptop. I bought them in Thailand for just such a situation.


I have a free internet connection that is bridging on being the worst computer I have used in 7 years of travel. Samsung has put this in free but I think the disk is probably has no temp memory left as I almost cannot type. But it is free so the price is right.

So Samsung clean your computer do a disk defrag and all that and make them work. But thank your for the free connection.