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Foreigners Live in Harmony with Locals in Guatemala

2011-07-04 07:06:07

I am able to relax here on Lago Atitlan, the Guatemalans live in harmony with the foreigners. I am quire sure the foreigners annoy the locals more --- the locals are extremely nice, quiet and easy to avoid while the foreigners want to change the locals.
(Many NGO’s Missionaries, etc, maybe this is NGO Colonization, about the same…)

"Hello Local, I will give you money if you suck up to me, and make me feel important."

Hmm 100 percent annoyed, and 0 is no annoyance.

Annoyed by Local Indigenous
Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa - 30% annoyed
Sosua DR - 70% annoyed
Lago Atitlan, Guatemala 30%
Thailand - 20%
Philippines 50%

Annoyed by Tourists or Expatriates
Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa - 0% annoyed - Difficult to find one
Sosua DR - 30% annoyed
Lago Atitlan, Guatemala 60%
Thailand - 70%
Philippines 20%

Home Made Bread, Guatemala
This photo's source is Home Made Bread, Guatemala

What is the most annoying moment with locals here on Lago Atitlan? When the lady tries to sell me banana bread in the morning,
"Hola amigo, quieres pan?"

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
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Cultural Immersion
I saw a sign here in San Pedro the other day, it said something about cultural immersion. I was laughing, that is truly the last thing a tourist wants. It is almost impossible to have cultural immersion on Lago Atitlan, this is one of the larger expatriate colonies on the planet, there is almost zero reason to speak Spanish here.

Beef on a Tortilla, truly a great dinner for two dollars.

Unique Identifier of HDI - Guatemala is safe.

San Pedro

Foreigners Live in Harmony with Locals in Guatemala