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Food Poisoning in Togo

I am fine, I feel better, however, my brain is stationary and who knows, if I start walking around I could feel either better or worst. I think my body is fighting something that was not suppose to enter.

I think canned vegetables are making me sick here in West Africa.

I woke yesterday, packed my bags and took a collective taxi from Atakpame to Lome, Togo. By the time I arrived I could hardly move. I went to my normal room and lay down on the bed. I barely moved for 20 hours, all day, all night, I was having a mass attack of lethargy. I had a fever, but for some strange reason I stopped sweating, I was dry, but I was burping a lot.

First Sickness in Africa
Africa appears to make me sick, one time in Niger I was delusional and achy for three days and it took two month for the weakness to end. I flew from Niger to Cote d’Ivoire, and finally decide to fly to Thailand.

Second Sickness in Africa
Bamako, Mail, I was extremely sick, lied in bed, could not move, and finally flew to Thailand.

Lome, West Africa --- Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have vowed to stay in Africa this time, even though I feel the doctor and medical situation here is the worst on the planet. This is the third time I believe I have some type of food poisoning in Africa. This time appears to be a minor case, I was reading about Botulism poisoning and the paralysis aspect describes how I feel exactly.

I do not get sick often; mainly because I normally eat street food from vendors that obviously are doing a lot of businesses. My theory, which has kept me safe for years, is this,
"I do not eat leftover inventory."

I want to see the food being cooked, which translated means I eat a street vendors. I seldom eat in restaurants where there is a kitchen not seen by me, and almost never in tourist restaurants. Second is the street vendor must have a lively business, there must be people consuming the food fast, whereby there is no leftover inventory.

I Violated the Leftover Inventory Rule
I have been eating canned vegetables, and I feel this is the problem. I have been looking closely at the cans here in West Africa, many have dents and rust, I was thinking the other day, the Lebanese could ship down damaged cans from Europe, and then sell them here.

Bottom line is this; there is no clear way to know how long the canned vegetables have been sitting on shelves. Expirations dates, blah blah blah, this is Africa.

I will give up eating canned vegetables, this is going to make my life complicated, and I will have to buy raw vegetable, soak in chlorine water. Sadly, restaurants on the planet have almost completely stopped serving vegetables.

Hmm, at least I can stop carrying this electric hot plate, which takes up a lot of room.

Food Poisoning in Togo


Hissing noise, wow, I thought normal.

I do not enjoy cooking, and if I wish I can use alcohol as fuel. I am slowly giving up the Americanism of not asking for help. I have learned I can walk up to women and ask,
"Will you cook this."

In Africa men do not cook, except in restaurants, and they feel I need help Go figure why men cook in restaurants.


I agree strongly with Robert.

I generally get fresh vegetables, wash them with antibacterial soap, rinse them well, and then cook in boiled water.

I generally make a lot of soups or pasta (just toss the vegetables in the water with the cooking pasta).

I agree strongly about avoiding vegetable from restaurants -- a quick glance at their prep/ storage methods is enough to realize that they are little time bombs of sickness. I have no idea if what is bring brought out to me has been washed well enough (or washed at all) and I like to have an idea about that which I put into my body.

Good to hear that you are feeling better.

Walk Slow,



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