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Finding Freelance Article Writers

This is freelance article number 5048, I have a little experience with writing, or truthfully, I am extremely experienced writer. I have been musing about how to find freelance article writers to work for

Are you the next Paul Theroux?

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Characteristics of a Writer
What is the profile of freelance article writers, how would we stereotype and describe the typical writer? This is not easy, I only know personally a couple of people who write, and one is myself, the other is Wade Shepard from Vagabond Journey.
Interview with Wade Shepard

I know hundreds of want to be Travel Writers, and I try my best to ignore comparing myself to them. I also see many people who want to write, or more correctly, I meet and know many people who believe they have the ability to write.

I know Wade, and I know he will succeed, because he is sort of a hermit type writer, he goes into his cave and works continuously, hard to fail when you never stop working. I suppose there are three types of successful freelance article writers.

1. Work in Early Morning
- This is me, Andy Graham, I work from 5:00 am until about 8:00 am daily 365 days per year.

2. Work all the time
- This is Wade, but I think he may be evolving into the third type, but I am not sure, I think he will eventually finalize his stereotypical behavior by number three, but for now he is number two, he works all the time, he deserves to succeed.

3. Works from Midnight until they fall asleep
- I suspect there are many of these types of freelance article writers.

Why is all this important, well it is simple, a writer must learn how to get something done, the ones that get the job done are the ones that produce work daily. The ones that try to work during the middle of the day normally do interrupted work; they are not capable of doing daily work. The ones that block off time either in the early morning, number 1, or in the ones that work after midnight number 3 are the producers.

If I wanted to identify the person who will become the next Paul Theroux, I would first look for the person that can write daily, not sporadically, but daily, the person can sit down at desk and type out words on a computer daily. If there are days when nothing happens, then I am not going to encourage the person to continue.

Freelance article writers find time daily to write, they somehow find a time during the day where they are not interrupted and can get work done.

A good travel writers does not go to the internet cafe between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 pm...unless they do not have friends and are hermits.

Finding Freelance Article Writers


I write in an enigmatic tone and voice, often confuses the people who only value in life is to be an editor, never the writer.

Page Turner

I imagine a really great writer who does freelance or books or whatever has to have a curious sort of personality that always keeps their mind humming with ideas they forever juggle and it is almost like a addiction, in the fact they feel this tremendous desire to put it to pen and paper. My grandaughter was given a electric typewriter, word processor for Christmas and she is holed up in her room every spare minute she has writing something till it drives her family crazy. My birthday gift to her was a 1,000 sheets of typing paper which seemed like gold to her. Ideas and words going into print has a way of going together like horseshit and flies. True writers just cannot sepurate them.


Intriguing post! I just finished re-reading Dark Star and Theroux's writing makes me swoon. Because he exists, I imagine it would stop many writers from even trying. Not unlike painters it's tough to be a serious painter after Picasso.

Now about your writing!?! I call it "Andyspeak" and I believe it is a secret to your success. It's baffling and at the same time compelling.



You said to me once a long time ago when I first began writing online: "You will never fail until you quit."

I remembered these words because they are true, you can't fail until you quit -- ever, at anything.

Perhaps working daily is more a way to keep away failure for another day, rather than a bid for success haha.

I jest, but I know that it is in the WORK that success occurs, not in the end result.

What you do especially, Andy, is put the "free" in freelance writing. This is the key, I believe to enjoying what you do to the point that you can do it daily. If you write for yourself, if you are not hung up over your words -- don't waste too much time scanning for typos out of a fear of keystroke errors, if you use words to your own end -- then it is easy to work hard all day long writing. It is easy because it is enjoyable. We have no editors, nobody telling us what we can write and what we can't, nobody turning down our manuscripts, nobody mangling our words. Yet people still read. This is truly freelance writing.