Finding a Travel Scout Travel Tip

A traveler finds people to go ahead and scout out a travel destination. They write back and give advice, is it a go, or no go. This is a person we trust and understand, we know their strengths, weaknesses, and how they view the world; we know how they are different.

Maybe we need to understand the Motto of the Boy Scouts:

“Be Prepared…
…so that he is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.”
- Robert Baden-Powell (1857 - 1941) British soldier and founder of the Boy Scout movement

Mirebalais, Haiti --- Wednesday, January 6, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

My friend Chris is in Guatemala right now, Travis in the Philippines. Chris has scouted out Panajachel, and knows an apartment I can rent for 200 Dollars per month with High Speed Internet if I show up. Travis is always scouting around in countries, he knows of a good place to stay in Medellin, Colombia, and I am sure he will find a couple more places in the Philippines.

Travel Bloggers Make Good Scouts

I know maybe 20-30 Travel Bloggers personally, some are good, and most have stopped traveling. I will read along, try to understand the person. I am looking for a Scout, a person to give me the skinny; I want to know the ins and outs, before I spend 1000 dollars to visit the place. I want them to go ahead of me and Scout the place out.

You think I am a cheap Hobo. Are you willing to spend 2000 dollars to come to Haiti?

My Scouts
Wade from is in the USA doing something, not clear to me, I think he needs money. Chris from last I hear was in Oregon, but I am not positive. Robin from was in Nepal, I think, she wanted to go to Yemen, she does not Blog a lot, so hard to follow here, but I can always write. I am trying to follow this person Gary Arndt with the site, I encourage his site, he is on the right path, and I am not sure why he is in Wisconsin, when he is supposed to be traveling around the world. I have Pat in Germany, living in an apartment, is always somewhere new, and I have friends or Scouts in many countries. Eric in USA, Ash in England, German in Colombia, Adella in Uganda, there are too many to count, 87 countries, I have a big network.

I know Travel Bloggers, they tend to forget to travel, retired people like Chris and Travis are often better Scouts, it is all about money, and the Scout needs to have the money to travel.

Finding Scouts with Google Alerts

Readers are Voting, maybe I go to Madagascar, Greenland, and for sure I am going to Dominican Republic, I need to find the skinny, I need to get a feel for the country. What I do it this, I go to Google Alerts,

I will make Google Alerts, and everyday Google sends of newly indexed pages, articles, news, more or less changes that happened on the internet.

I now have:

1. Haiti
2. Dominican Republic Cabarete
3. Madagascar Blog

I have more, but this is a good example, I am looking for a person, I do not want a site. I need a human, on the ground, who is reachable, personable, who put feeling into what they right. I want a writer who I can learn to know, understand.

I know many Travel Writers; I try to encourage them to stop showing just pictures to sell tours. I do not have much luck, they tend to talk in clichés, and paint beautiful pictures. I need more Scouts; I want more Travel Bloggers who TRAVEL.

I am always looking for people who write daily, who are traveling, and can stop writing cliché article long enough to show their human side.

Scouts are Humans, writing Articles is something writers do to make money.

There are many Travel Forums, Social Networks, in general, the problem is this, and we need to separate the Scouts in-country, from the armchair travelers. and will eventually evolve into communities as more people sign up.

Thanks, your Scout in Haiti, and soon Dominican Republic, where I must publish quickly before my computer battery dies, the electricity went off an hour or two ago… real Haiti in real time, feet on the ground.

The best Scout is retired with set money,the next is a Travel Blogger who is in-country. Travel Books are better than Internet writers, please follow the money and you will find your best Scouts.

Finding a Travel Scout Travel Tip


Like Andy mentioned before only one in 10,000 travel bloggers can earn a good living by doing what he's been doing and helped pioneer over 10 years ago. So most people have months and months of "down time" like a hibernation period while they save enough money to travel again. It's difficult for world traveler bloggers to get motivated enough to blog everyday while showing up at some mundane job or office cubicle. Kind of dampens the spirit and makes seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" difficult.

the idea of Scouts is similar to homestay website members so joining a couple of groups would help supply you with potentially hundreds travel scouts.