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Finding a Little Genius in Everything

Finding a Little Genius in Everything
I had an exceptionally enjoyable day yesterday in Cote d’Ivoire; I mean it was inspirationally an A+. Including the beach, a book, a movie, small black children and women, these ingredients allowed me to cook up an exceptional day. There is always a formula to happiness. I just wish the happiness formula I used, was the same as yours, and then I could force-feed you until you accepted happiness.

"A genius is somebody a computer cannot programme."
--- Taban Lo Liyong (1939 - ) Sudanese poet, novelist, and short-story writer.
--- Meditations of Taban Lo Liyong

Hmm, I think a genius is super aware in one moment, then super oblivious to their surrounding in the next. There is a moment when the person sees with unbounded clarity, then followed by a deep, massaging feeling of yes, because, yes, I understand, yes this is it, there is introspection that shuts out reality. The art of genius is to close you eyes, and then open them to a different world any time you wish.

My happiness formula is this, do more things in a day that make you happy than make you sad. Sounds simple enough, just keeping your priorities in line, and impossible to do by modern man, there is this irrational belief they can multitask their world; happiness does not work that way.

Craig from told me this Cote d’Ivoire man has a 1300 dollar camera and a few hundred in lens, something like that. Craig has an uncanny knack for seeing the little things other people miss; this is one of his geniuses.

This camera is proof positive, that not all people in Africa are poor.

I think African should send help to the modern world; these people from Grand Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire should export their happiness. I would say, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin are four countries where it is easy for me to be happy, now Africa has 52 countries so do not clump the continent into one opinion and show you modern world ignorance.

Grand Bassam, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa --- Thursday, September 23, 2010


What is a little Genius today?

1. I promised myself, I would never write a romantic book of all the things I have seen around this small planet using words.

2. Babies without diapers, this seems practical, there was a naked little baby, black as black, you need to use the word ebony to describe the baby happily stumbling around the beach today.

3. The topless women who walked down to the beach, not a care in the world, something National Geographic is not going to document. She was dumping some trash water, not an endearing moment for cliché documentaries when people are normal.

4. Knowing it is important for me to read a book by the beach, and watching movies makes me happy.

5. I am a man, this place is full of women, my testosterone levels are at the age of 19, this hyper activates my senses and feelings, wow what a rush.

I downloaded about 400 Movies in Guatemala, and now have them on a 500 Gig Hard Drive, truly the best way to hack away a couple of extra nothing hours in a day. I have way too many hours in the day, I am seldom busy.

Multiple Sarcasms
I went on home after the beach today, then took a hot and cold shower, the hot water in my hotel room is hot enough to make instant coffee, truly a luxury in my Hotel world. Then lying in front of the fan, I put on this movie with Timothy Hutton called "Multiple Sarcasms." Generally, a writer like me becomes curious with good writing and need to find the name of true genius, or the writer or writers in this case.
Multiple Sarcasms, written by Brooks Branch, and Linda Morris, this movie was truly inspirational writing.

Finding a little genius in everything, this movie, the beach, the pure simplicity of Africa is happiness. Today, I also accept that Travelers often are searching for God by traveling. I think this is the true genius in life, to find a little God in everything, even if we do not find God, we saw something that looked like God, and then we are in good company.

Should people come to Africa, the answer is no, you would be miserable, or you could practice the art of genius.

Finding a Little Genius in Everything