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My nephews Brandon and Collin Schiffli are making movies, they have created a website called Film and Video Production.

This is Brandon Schiffli, as best I understand, he is in California working for Ben Stiller the producer and actor.

Brandon on Facebook

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, April 20, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Collin Schiffli, I am confused what he is doing for work, but I am quite positive he wants to make movies.

Collin on Facebook

They seem to be planning to make a Movie called "Band," whereby Collin would probably be the director and Brandon the Screenwriter. Then again, I am an Uncle, there is no reason to talk to me therefore my knowledge is limited.

There is no reason to care about this, but if you would, I would appreciate if you made me, Andy Graham the look good by clicking on their sites, tell them, Uncle Andy sent you… Film and Video Production.

I am proud of them, they are good boys, and I hope they make many movies.

Film and Video Production by

Page Turner

Brandon and Collin went to Columbia University in Chicago and did very well. Collin has a directors degree and Brandon has a screen writing degree but they both are very talented and are capable of wearing many different hats. At this time Collin is filming for the Michael Jackson Tribute that Michael Jackson's family is having done. He was supposed to film Magic Johnson a couple of weeks ago for this project and he does several other things to make money, editing etc. I am like Andy very interested but only hear about snippets of what Brandon and Collin are doing. Their parents have been Blessed to have 3 talented sons, the youngest Kyle, who plans to be in the business too and they are great parents.

John Tadpole

Andy, Great post. You are Andy the Hobo on the road but you are also Uncle Andy and Son Andy and friend Andy. Thanks for sharing a little more of you with us. John