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Fill the Bucket Travel Tip

If you enter a room and find a bucket or two in the shower, fill them with water.

I immediately filled these two buckets with water here in the Eben Ezer Hotel in Miragoane, Haiti. Translated, the buckets are there because there is a water problem. They are needed, but they will not do you a lick of good empty.

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Tuesday, November 17, 2009
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I photographed this picture in the Blue Boar Inn in Angeles City, Philippines.

Why are the buckets there?

1. To flush the toilet.
2. To take showers.
3. Sometimes in Asia the locals will not take showers, they only do a dip bath.
4. In a few countries, the Hotel will bring Hot water to the room for a dip shower.

What is somewhat silly though, normally all the buckets are empty; if there is a shortage of water the management comes to the room to retrieve the buckets. They fill them and return. However, they have already telegraphed the message,
“We have water problems.”

A good hotel will have a large holding tank on the roof, or a cistern. They continually fill these tanks and never run low on water.

Nonetheless, best to fill the buckets.

Fill the Bucket Travel Tip