Fighting the Machine is Annoying

Many readers wrote e-mails yesterday trying to help.
"Thank you."

Yesterday, I wrote and sent a Blog post called
Work at Homes Mothers Scammed by Ads

I use a company called to send my Blog e-mails, there machine saw the words,
"Work at Home."
And instantly deactivated my account.

Why, because these words "Work at Home." are words often used in spam e-mails.

I was complaining about these types of ads, and trying to help, but the messenger was shot. I wrote them an e-mail, baffled as to what I did, and upon starting work on Monday, they reviewed the account and reactivated.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
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While the Machine Works I am Punished
Well, from about 8:00 am on Sunday morning until about 9:00 am on Sunday, anyone clicking on links within an e-mail could not read it, they got a 404.

Then many readers wrote me to tell me it was broken,
"Thank you."

Gaming the Machine
Sadly, a person who is good at gaming the machine is going to win, while people who are just nice people, transparent and honest have more trouble.

I am here in the DR for only one person, to game the machine, to have high speed Internet and game the "Big G" "G333gle."

Big brother is watching, I am becoming afraid to type their name, I know the machine is everywhere.

I just took a 40 percent drop in money because of the machine, it happened in less than two weeks. There was no sign, no three warning system, and there are sites that lost 80 percent of their money.

I have a good friend in New York City, with children, a family, and he lost 30-40 percent of his money. I have no debt, no children, and life is easy, but he lives in New York City.

This recession caught many of you in the machine, it has been difficult.

The solution for me is to always be able to take a 50 percent cut in pay. I was able to take this 40 percent cut in pay; however, if the "Big G" did this again next week, I would be in big trouble. Hmm, maybe not me, but my three employees would be out a job, or need to take a pay cut.

Isn’t this how it always works, the big boys survive, but the employees take it is the rear?

Fighting the Machine is Annoying


Could be worse, someone didn't like me over clicked on my ads and my account got shutdown. I identified the culprit banned the IP but the big "G" wouldn't reinstate me.


On a much smaller level the same thing happened to me/my website in 2007 the 3rd time my web host changed ownership and overnight without notice my website address was changed dropping from 130,000 hits / month to nearly being invisible. I KNEW at the time it was because I was signed up on their cheapest option of U$70+ / year and the my site's traffic was growing so they dumped me in the cyber trash bin and wanted me to pay them for their web techie marketing consultants or upgrade . Anyway we own 2 prime locations so our internet presence is only the icing on the cake so to speak so our business / income does NOT depend on it so I KNEW that with time, link exchanges and later learned I could buy domain names which would automatically transfer and continue providing content to other Philippines related groups forums and websites that my traffic would return for NO EXTRA MONEY. In 3+ years now it's back to about half the traffic of 2006-7.

I can see now how you are in the process of reducing your dependence on the Big G machine by seeking advertising revenue directly so the MORE POWER TO YOU, your team and all of your efforts. My wife and I have never trusted the benefits of advertising costs lacking proof of higher "sales" and increased rental income or occupancy rates but in recent months our record breaking levels may encourage us to experiment with advertising on your website. Food for thought!