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Expatriates Could be Profiled as Hermits

Maybe you ask yourself, could I live outside their home country as an Expatriated Citizen? A hermit is a person who lives to some greater or lesser degree in seclusion from society.

Expatriate Hermits are often trying to tell people,
"Stay away from me, but look at me."

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, March 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I was told by an expatriate,
"We leave the country so we do not have to answer the telephone."

I think we have two types of people, those who like to talk on the telephone, and those who refuse to talk. I am the person who can talk for hours; I am the extravert, with the ability to be a Hermit for months in countries where I cannot speak the language, like Haiti or Ethiopia.

Extraverts or Intraverts
The trait of extraversion-introversion is a central dimension of human personality. Extraverts tend to be gregarious, assertive, and interested in seeking out excitement. Introverts, in contrast, tend to be more reserved, less outgoing, and less sociable. They are not necessarily loners but they tend to have smaller circles of friends and are less likely to thrive on making new social contacts. Introverts are less likely to seek stimulation from others because their own thoughts and imagination are stimulating enough. A common misconception is that all introverts suffer from social anxiety or shyness. Introversion does not describe social discomfort but rather social preference. An introvert may not be shy at all but may merely prefer non-social or less social activities.

Expatriates Could be Profiled as Hermits